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Google+ Update: G+ Allows Subscriptions

Google+ recently changed their Circle filter controls, allowing you to have the ability to easily SUBSCRIBE to ALL posts from users inside a specific Circle. This is incredibly handy if you want to make sure that you see and are notified of a post by your favorite Google+ users. As a photographer, I have a list of photographers that I like and that I want to make sure I don't miss any content from (roughly 25 individuals). That circle now has a SUBSCRIPTION , allowing me to get a small G+ notification (RED BOX) every-time any one of those 25 photographers post something new to the network.

To turn on the subscription model:

1. Log into Google+
2. Select "Home" on the left hand side bar
3. Select the G+ Circle you wish to subscribe to at the top of your page (there is a drop down menu if you don't see it at first)
4. Move the slider in the top right hand part of your screen ALL the way to the right, so the slider is above the red bell

Now you are subscribed to that circle!

Here is a further breakdown of the various circle filter options:

*from left to right with the _____ representing your chosen Circle

1. "Show Nothing from _________ in your Home stream"
2. "Show some posts from ________ in your Home Stream"
3. "Recommended: Show most posts from ______ in your Home Stream" (DEFUALT)
4. "Show every post from _______ in your Home Stream"
5. "Also Subscribe to notifications from all new posts"

By default the "send email" box is checked for this subscription is checked, forcing you to receive an email notification as well.That can be fixed in your notification settings in about 5 seconds though

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