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A relative of mine was in this institution on drug charges. Spent two years and never got any type of substance abuse rehabilitation what so ever. Matter of fact she got denied her first option to make parole. Never been in any previous trouble, Was not a violent offender, no violent charges - nothing and the reason being---she was a threat to society!! WTF? and..... this place has their phone system fixed to where the inmates cannot call a prepaid cell phone--even tho they have m oney on their accounts. THIS PLACE SUCKS BIG TIME--THEY ARE UNORGANIZED AND HAVE HAD MANY PEOPLE SUING THEM FOR THIER INCOMPETENCE OF MANAGING SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE LIVES. I WOULD LIKE TO ASK THE ONES WHOM RUN IT TO PUT THEMSLEVES IN THE INMATES PLACE...THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO AND JUST BECAUSE THEY GOT CAUGHT AT WHAT THEY DID---HOLD ON NOW---EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD HAS DONE SOMETHING IN THIER LIFE THAT THEY ARE NOT PROUD OF, EMBARASSED OF, AND/OR WISH THEY HAD NOT MADE THAT CERTAIN DECISION TO DO AS THEY HAD DONE---AND JESUS TOLD THE CROWD THAT WANTED TO STONE THE WOMAN WHOM HAD SINNED "HE WHO HAS NOT SINNED CAST THE FIRST STONE" AND NOT ONE PERSON PICKED UP A STONE!!!!WE ALL HA VE SKELETONS IN OUR CLOSETS AND THE WARDEN-OFFICERS, OFFICE WORKERS--YOU ALL NEED TO DO YOUR JOB AS IF YOU WERE THE INMATE AND HOW YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED AND HANDLED IF IT WAS YOU. JUST SAYING....
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