Snagged my wife a Mio Alpha strapless heart rate watch that shines green LED's into your wrist and monitors blood flow through your capillaries.  It works great, in fact it is quite accurate and can run constantly for long periods of exercise!  The down side is it is bluetooth 4.0 which is a major issue with Android, even 4.2.2...  It seems Google is waiting for a future release till they build in 4.0/bluetooth low energy (BLE)...  Samsung has added their own "4.0" on newer handsets like my wife's Galaxy Note 2 which I was able to connect via a test app but there is no development in the Play store since it is not native to the Android OS...  Bummer, but here's hoping to full bluetooth 4.0(BLE) in Key Lime Pie 5.0...
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