~$30 Hacked universal wireless AV/HDMI solution!!

-Buy the ANWL100W (works on 5Ghz) for cheap
-Buy a universal power supply (17-24V at ~ 2A) I set mine to 18.5V
-Cut the proprietary 20 pin control cable
-Find the heavier gauge red and black wires (the heavy white wire works as a ground too but may cause the dongle to squeal when powered under 24V at initial start-up)
    -Red is +
    -Black is -
-Individually tape up all remaining leads so they don't short (we can play with these later...)
-Plug the wireless dongle into your TV/monitor
-Plug in any AV source to the box (I used my Raspberry Pi on HDMI1)
-Turn on the base unit 1st and rapidly tap the HDMI1 touch sensitive button on the front of the unit (you must do this if you have never used the ANWL100W on a proper LG TV the 1st time you power up)
-Then power up the wireless dongle 

BOOM!!  You just opened up a propitiatory black box and have a cheap wireless HDMI solution!!!

FYI, this is running on 5Ghz so if you have a wide band 5Ghz WAP at home it could play games with your signal.  Oh, and this won't pass 3D signals on HDMI, or so they say... 

Check my album for more images: https://plus.google.com/photos/101948760925084043079/albums/5793662937975025905 

I have had this setup running for more than a day without issue using a cheap adjustable 24V power supply found on Amazon @: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0027BUS0M/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00 .  Check my album for new images showing my rig that now runs in my front room on my 65" LCD from an end table 25+ feet away (no walls).

Hack on!

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