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This is just beautiful.

Take a look at the header design in the Microsoft Todo app. This kind of small detail add a layer of user delight and polish that many apps simply lack.

The app is also a great example how to adapt your design to be platform friendly on both iOS and Android without having to change too much.

Really nicely done MS.. I think my allergy towards Microsoft is slowly going away. It certainly will if they keep this up :-)

(Google login would be nice though)

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Writing a Realtime Database Trigger with Cloud Functions for Firebase

Watch here:

Cloud Functions for Firebase lets you run managed backend code for your mobile app that extends and connects Firebase features. In this Firecast, Jen Persons will show you how to write a function that triggers in response to a write to the Realtime Database.

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Yes, the device drivers surely are one problem. But I doubt that this is the most pressing one. If so, Microsoft would have succeeded in getting a bigger market share (I still believe they had a chance but seriously screwed up). Same with Tizen. Obviously there must be more to it than that.

One of the big attractors for developers to delve into Android initially was that it was using Java as the main language. Maybe nowadays where Java is a bit overly frowned upon that is hard to grasp, but whatever might think of Java, it managed to attract more people than C++. I think using JS as the main language has some merits. I can only suggest to choose a modern language (including JVM based or modern JS variants) as the native choice right asway. It's difficult enough to attract developers without alienating them with your main language choice.

Another thing is, that nowadays you cannot get away with things Android initially might have gotten away with. With systems that good as iOS and Android, any other system has to offer a compelling reason to users to switch. Have a look at Firefox OS. They had so many shortcomings in their early releases, that were serious obstacles to better adoption (see my very old review of it on Grokking Android: The UX of your system and of the base apps of your system has to be very good right away, if you want to cut it.

I'm really skeptical of any third contender emerging and making a serious dent into the existing duopol.

I bet, something will crop up eventually. But for a completely new device category. Like wearables that are not yet in use. Or body implants like sensoric support - whatever. For mobile, though, I am very skeptical.

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Today, the app didn't load the data for whatever reason (I was at my parents - thus I couldn't see if something was logged). As you can see, the app has no avatar. So I guess it couldn't connect to Google. But that's just a guess.

Even a config change didn't change anything. Now, though, back at home everything works fine again. It did work at my parents place as well. That was just a temporary glitch when checking if playing football with the kids had any effect on the step count :-)

I have no idea, what caused it. Did you - or anyone else - encounter this, yet?

For now two things:

1. I think the history should be a bit more detailed.

2. I think the circle should not be recreated on config change

I also think the history is a bit odd for the first week. IMHO it should start with the day the connection was established. But that surely is not a high priority issue :-)

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This looks interesting!
Here's something I'm really excited to finally show. This is an app we've been working as a side project for a month or so now.

This idea came from our own needs and as there was no app doing what we wanted in the store we decided to build one ourselves.

Introducing Social Steps. While there's million+ step counters everywhere what we wanted was something simple and easy to use to compete, and motivate you and your friends to walk more.

Opt-in link for the beta here:

Of course, the app is still in early phases and just approaching the MVP stage. There's a lot of stuff we want to do but first we must build a very solid basis.

So, jump in and give us a hand testing the app and give feedback!

iOS version is coming in few weeks!

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Android Things Feedback Survey

It's been great hearing all of your questions and comments so far in this community regarding the Android Things developer preview releases! We rely on your feedback to understand if our efforts are helping you meet your goals.

We would appreciate it if you could take 5 minutes to fill out the following survey before May 15 and let us know your thoughts so far.

Ok, Google why do I have more information within the Google Play Music app than in the web version of Google Play Music? Ther's surely more space available on my laptop.

I can only see 8 new albums on the web compared to at least 20 in the app. And then I also get more information (why was this particular entry recommended) in the app.

I like the app. But - really - I think the web version needs lots of improvements.

Or maybe all this is there but somehow hidden? In that case it's just not intuitive enough for me :-)

Also: Once we could actively say: Get rid of this artist/track/album. Do not show it to me again. Why was that scrapped? Now I sometimes get something recommended because I shortly listened to one of those recommendations.

At least take the length of my listening into consideration. There's a reason why I stopped listening after a few seconds. Come on, we know you can do better AI than that!

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I strongly agree with what is being said in this article. There's an epidemic of incompetence that seems to plaque especially dedicated design agencies. The wasted time and effort of "unique" design is infuriating.

I recently spent a lot of time replacing Android CardView components with layouts using 9-patch card graphics because some designers involved felt that card visuals from CardViews were "too material design". This kind of thing doesn't only waste the customer's budget but also creates inferior products in the end. In my years of working with various agencies I've now in an opinion that no company should ever hire a design agency without full lifecycle product delivery experience. The lack of understanding what actually needs to be done to get apps into market and get them to stay there has a huge negative, and often destructive, impact to the project.

Hire designers with platform understanding and product delivery experience! Hire agencies who understand what it means to get apps to the stores.

"Uniqueness for the sake of being unique is contrary to usability."

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Sharing is Caring. Or: how to surface a preferred Intent when creating an Intent.chooser(). #androiddev
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