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Daniel Bittner
Works at Washington State Senate
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Daniel Bittner

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Join the new B&L page on Google + !
Bittner & Lohr is a marketing and advertising company based near Seattle
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Daniel Bittner

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With today's stock market mood I though this was fitting to share.
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Daniel Bittner

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Oh Google +, how I yearn to love thee, but am currently torn between two other lovers. Soon, perhaps. Soon.
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I'm getting burned out with FB, trying to Google up my life.
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Daniel Bittner

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Daniel Bittner

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While doing some DSHS work at the Senate office I ran across this handy dandy Most Wanted guided for deadbeat parents. Kinda frightening. What type of parent owes over $270,000.00 in child support?
The official resource portal for all of your Child Support Needs. Individuals may view or make payments, Employers may report newly hired or pay for their employees and many other items are available ...
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I love the smiley happy pics of deadbeat parents...
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Producer. Coffee addict. Eater of foods.
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  • Washington State Senate
    Legislative Assistant, present
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    Partner/Producer, 5 - present
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