+Eric Boggs - Addressing Niche Social Networks
#GoToExplore - 4/13/2012

-- Social Network Maturity Model - Techies and geeks adopters; tech press, "normals", referral traffic, your mom has a profile, user growth sloes down because almost everyone has accounts
-- Most niche networks are very small, but they are growing very quickly
-- Most niche networks have very strong user interaction
-- 405 average minutes per month spent on Facebook
-- 89 average minutes per month spent on Tumblr / Pinterest
-- Idea is to do business well through social media
-- Social Network Adoption Model - Monitor, Mobilize & Operationalize
-- Adoption: Are people talking about my brand here? Is this network going to provide value to my marketing plans?
-- Let your customers illustrate that a new social network is worth consideration
-- Mobilize: Prove ROI and create a content strategy (Test content strategies, set basic benchmarks, test & measure)
-- Gather evidence to prove the need for more resources
-- Operationalize: Make this network an established part of your operation's marketing mix
-- Make sure to integrate new social networks into your existing work flow
-- Thing about why your customer's are using different networks
-- Understand each network's unique value and how it can move your business forward
-- Beware of FOMO (fear of missing out)
-- Recognize your finite resources -- don't think "in addition to"; think "instead of"
-- The law of business still applys
-- Pinning, instagramming and Tumbling needs to move the needle for your business´╗┐
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