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Ilhan Gozaydin commented on a post on Blogger.
Yes MOOCs  are same as online around for 20 years .
Only difference 
good ones   .  These are from elite universities, that means worthwhile.
Bad thing :     No degree
Gimick :         Free

Therefore only curious people register ( rather clicks the button )
There is no obligation whatsoever, therefore completion rate is 1-2 %

Not all MOOCs  , but edx set up by MIT and Harvard is worthwhile to attend if they provide degree. Without degree all these attempts are useless.
The quality of MOOCs are not good at all except edx .
Let us convince EDX to provide degrees.

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Ilhan Gozaydin commented on a post on Blogger.
OK in the first round accepted students are only 375 . That makes the revenue quite low compared to my sayings but in the next new semester it is intended more enrollment .
If 2,000 students completes the whole program at $ 6,600
revenue is 2,000 x 6,600 = $ 13,200,000
I do not mind Georgia Tech makes Money as long as they would use it for further  online programs .

My comments are just for information not a critisism .

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Ilhan Gozaydin commented on a post on Blogger.
First I should say I have been dedicated to online  for 20 years with frustration since quality is bad, price is high .

Now online by elite schools are REVOLUTION , not MOOCs .
I advocate edx 100 % as a nonprofit elite consortium .
Prof Thurn I also like very much since AI at Stanford , my school also .

As an engineer I have  advocated efficiency of online for the last 20 years too .
Development cost is at most  $ 1 million for a 15 weeks online program.
Therefore I hated to see $ 1,500-2,000 per course prices for 20 years .

I calculate now cost of an online by elite schools are not more than $ 50 if the course enrollment is 2000 students  for 10 semesters . In 10 semesters school collects
10 semester x 2,000 students x $ 50 = $ 1,000,000

I do not understand arrengement of Udacity with Georgia Tech . Course development is done by Georgia Tech , Then Udacity provides only platform . The cost of the platform is only $ 1 per student per course ( Thurn said that some 10-12 months ago )
Now $ 6,600 for 12 courses for a degree of CS is attracticve enough if one comopares it with oncampus prices of GT.
That is 6,600 / 12 = $ 550  is very good price.
But even if the course were designed by another school such as Stanford
development cost would not be more than $ 1 million . And cost is arounf $ 50-100 per course .

I am perplexed
1.- Course development is done by Georgia Tech
2.- Udacity provides only platform
3.- How this $ 6,600 shared among Georgia Tech and Udacity .

WHO gets this $ 550 per course revenue .
To me price should have been about $ 200  per course if development  is done by Udacity .

Again I say I appreciate the Project very much.
But numbers just perplexed me .
Anyone can give me an explanation I would appreciate.

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Ilhan Gozaydin commented on a post on Blogger.
Here are my comments :
3.- I cannot give the responsibility of the curriculum to local teachers. There are about 4 million teachers of K12 then do we allow 4 million curriculums. On the contrary there should be a NATIONAL Curriculum to be followed by 60 million K12 students. That curriculum must be prepared by the top top educators of the nation without any political pressure .

4.- Standard tests are a must to measure the success of the whole nation. If you do not measure a thing that means you do not know anything about it . Lord Kelvin said .

Number 11 .
Make use of wonderful learning science research at MIT and their labs nationally . Make use of simulations, multimedia, discussion boards, virtuel labs etc .
Use smart teachers for developing good online courses .
Number 12
Rich people can afford f2f. But we must provide the same educational opportunity to whole nation then use online . But develop the best online software first .

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Ilhan Gozaydin commented on a post on Blogger.
All these analysis , at the end, does not mean anything .
People are purposeless. Just curious people .
Let it be for degree, with a purpose. Then we will have useful data .
Now we are at a ship on the ocean .

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Ilhan Gozaydin commented on a post on Blogger.
We need vocational schools  more than colleges.
Look up Germany. They have all vocational schools and they are very rich if not the richest in the World .
Where can I get some online content for vocational education. mgozaydin@hotmail.şcom

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Ilhan Gozaydin commented on a post on Blogger.
1.- Cost of college is too high parents cannot afford.
2.-Quality of colleges are not as good as it is supposed to be therefore graduates cannot find jobs.
To me solution işas very easy .
Convince edx to provide degrees and charge fees at $ 10 -50 per course .
They will make billions $ students will win parents will win  . DOE wins too .
No Money is required just wisdom .

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315,000 attendees. Great.
How about the finishers .
Is this the course by Udacity for credit at San Jose State .
I registered aND PAİD $ 150 FOR İT .
But I just neglected to attend the classes.
Sorry now .
I really wonder the finishers for credits ?

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My forecasting is :
There will be 100-200 research universities appealing to the world .
25 million in the USA + 200,000,000 in the world HE students .
They will develop best MOOCs in the world.
They set up their Digital Universities too.
Digital Universities will teach the whole world including the USA at $ 1-10 per course . They will provide degrees as MITx, Harvardx, Stanfordx etc .
All other universities in the USA will be closed, teachers will be jobless.
All MOOCs will be developed by the best professors of the world .
These 100-200 universities will do all the reseach for government and companies too .
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