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Mini Author Pic Spotted in SERPs
I just noticed this mini author pic that showed up in the SERPs when I did a search for ‘risotto recipes’. It’s a very interesting example because you’ve got author, recipe & review markup, and you get all 3 of those elements showing in this SERP. I’ve never seen this before, and I haven’t heard anything reported on it, so I figured I’d share it with the community. 
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Thanks +Steve Gould - I've seen other examples of this. It is possible under the right circumstances to get multiple schemas to show, and when Authorship is one of them it goes tiny and underneath as you show.
+Steve Gould This is a fairly common result for food bloggers who have marked up their recipes or used a plugin to do so. The recipe markup has a field for image, and when it's populated and the author is verified, the result is commonly (but not consistently) just like what you saw. On any Google results page where you've searched for a food you should be able to select Recipes instead of Web and you'll see a ton of these results.
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