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Fall like a kid again
It's that time of year, again. Time to start fitting booties to shoes, vests are starting to give way to thick baselayers and jackets, and my regular gloves just aren't quite cutting it. It's cold outside. It also doesn't get light until pretty late in the ...

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I can breathe underwater, and that’s pretty cool! Part Three.
Part Three. (Part One is here , Part Two is here .) Into the Deep Blue Gearing up for adventure. Turns out I worried for naught. There was an issue with his
passport and he couldn’t join us for the trip to Pula, Croatia, for the open
water dives that would ...

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I can breathe underwater, and that’s pretty cool! Part Two.
Part Two. (Part One is here .) Academics When first registering for the SCUBA course, each student
was issued a textbook, accompanying workbook, cd, various stickers and swag,
and access to the online course of which completion was mandatory before the

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I can breathe underwater, and that’s pretty cool! Part One.
A couple weeks ago, on a warm Labor day weekend afternoon, I
was floating a mere inches above the floor of the warm Adriatic Sea just off
the coast of Pula, Croatia. Sea cucumbers, urchins, and schools of tiny
colorful fish, all blissfully ignorant of my in...

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When in Rome, transform your perspective
Char and I have some crazy ideas when it comes to doing
stuff for fun, and the three days we spent in Rome with her parents were no
exception.   Question: What do you get when you drop two aspiring
endurance athletes into the middle of ancient Rome? Down th...

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Cow poop and bike grease
The story of how I got stuck in an Italian cattle drive and almost made
it home. I stood along the road, my bike in pieces at my feet, both
of us covered in bike grease and cow manure, waiting for Char to come rescue
me. I was two miles from home, and I qui...

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The Climb
There's nothing better than throwing your body against something daunting, something that doesn't seem doable at first. Maybe that's why I keep looking for really long and tough climbs on the bike.  Mt. Haleakala in Maui, the San Juan Scenic Skyway in Color...

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STELVIO! Open day on the Stilfserjoch
The Stelvio Pass
is a monster. The final 14 of 48 switchback hairpin turns to the summit. The second
highest paved road pass in the Alps, it towers above the nearby valleys. The
iconic switchbacks of the southern slope are layered on top of one another, a

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Well, that escalated quickly
Things have gotten really out of control. Thunder is echoing across the hills but hidden behind the black clouds rolling in behind me. It's so dark that it feels more like twilight, not late morning, and the fog is so thick I can't see more than a couple me...

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The Double Decker Endurance Challenge or How Not to Drown and Die an Awful and Terribly Painful Death
I’m staring upwards as I run, four solid floors of concrete
agony looming above. I’ve already ascended and descended these monsters twice
and now I have two more to go. My legs are screaming, my lungs burn, my ribs
feel like they’re going to crack with the ...
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