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16 MARCH 2014, 04:43 PM
Thankfully, after 13 days, I get to rest and relax. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate OT, but sometimes the body needs to recharge... 

Waffle House getting hashbrowns... 

And the rain, comes tumbling down... 

Positivity lays the groundwork to a successful life... 

Last day of the shutdown. So ready to go back to work... 

How you know it's cold: cat goes to door to go out, you open it, cat gives you the "what, are you crazy" look, and goes back to his spot... 

A shout out to Google. If not for them we never would have known that we live in a subsection of the city called Cairo Bend. Just sounds a little bit classier... ;-) 

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Anonymous is pissed that this teen lesbian was expelled from school:

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