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Master Method
In this post, I would like to share my knowledge of the Master Method also called as the Master Theorem. By no means I am a pure computer scientist so do not expect me to be cent percent correct and thorough. Anyways, Let's get started. MASTER METHOD (MASTE...

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Hello World!
"HELLO WORLD\n" Alas! it happened. Finally I am writing a blog. After years of procrastination today I gathered all my willpower to finally achieve the unbelievable. Its just the start. I plan to write my day to day happenings, experiences and things I am p...

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I was asked by a researcher I know, Manu Kaul, to share the following petition request, calling for the Indian government to grant birth certificates to "street children."  I happen to know that the birth certificate is a big deal in India.  Every document has to have a "pointer" to a prior document.  So typically, your birth certificate points to your parent's birth certificates, your passport points to your birth certificate, and perhaps your driver's license will point to your passport.  In contrast, when I was a young adult, I had no real copy of my birth certificate, so to get a passport I had my Mother sign a statement that she has "known me since birth."  Apparently, you can't do that in India.  Anyway, here is Dr. Kaul's message.
I have started a petition on to help bright street kids like Suraj (Amazing Interview In India with a boy from the streets ~ Beyond Slumdog Millioniare / update below) who are right now working hard to acquire a skill. I would like to urge the Indian govt to provide them a legal birth certificate NOW, so that later on they can easily get integrated into our mainstream society. Get a driver's license, apply for home/business loans, a passport etc. 

It would be great if you would be kind enough to post this story on your Google+, Twitter etc, and raise awareness so more people can sign this petition :

If such bright children who have the motivation and talent to learn languages and pick up skills are not given an opportunity then instead of integrating them as legal hardworking citizens, we end up pushing them to take up a life of crime instead. When I saw the video interviews, I could not help but feel that India has for too long neglected the needs of such poor children and that now is the time to act.


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Join Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, in a discussion about the Internet's past, present, and future. Submit a question live, and host Leo Laporte may ask it for you. For more information on protecting a free and open web, join the community at

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BinPy : Only python libray that will help attain nirvana
So the GSOC season is on.While random browsing I stumbled upon this years GSOC mentor organisations page.As usual my sweet little candy Python was there too.Well I know a fair amount of electronics(at least think so) ,so naturally my instinct was to look fo...

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