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Appeal Category: Takedown appeals
Portal Title: Vufflens Le Chateau, Fontaine 1820
City, Region and Country: Vufflens-le-Château, VD, Switzerland
Lat/Long: 46.524612 6.473137

Several months ago and today again you deleted this portal because you considered it in a private property (see post:

I made this post today to ask you to review your decision, because the portal you have removed is accessible to several people as well. Let me explain it : in this building, there are 4 apartments (different apartments) and also a hairdressing shop (currently closed but it could probably reopen soon). At the time you deleted the portal for reasons that do not seem logical to me : yes the portal was used for a Shard, and yes it is possible that the resistant notified the ENL that it was a private property (I was there on the spot) but the fact that ENL's was mugging at this place is pure fiction for the purpose of takedown strategic portal for the RES (farm).

This fountain is listed in the Swiss National Heritage (historical monument) As you can see in the attached image (

You can will also find attached photos and videos of the hairdressing shop, different entrance and doorbells (To clarify that the building has two differents entrances with 2 streets numbers: Chemin des Vignes 1 and 3)

I therefore ask you to take that portal back, in order to respect your own logic and rules.

Please NIA, if you think you answer: " We have taken another look but stand by our decision to retire this Portal." Thank you to explaining me why.
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Appeal Category: Rejected Takedown
Portal Title: Flying Rabbit & Lapinou
Region and Country: Lausanne Switzerland
Lat/Long: 46.522318,6.629345
Ingress Intel Link:,6.629345&z=17&pll=46.522318,6.629345,6.628236&z=17&pll=46.522634,6.628236

It is a Duplicate portal please takedown ” Flying Rabbit “
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Appeal Category: Rejected Takedown
Portal Title: Chalet in den Bergen
Region and Country: Haut-Intyamon Switzerland
Lat/Long: 46.461146,7.003972
Ingress Intel Link:,7.003972&z=17&pll=46.461146,7.003972

It is a chalet as there are a lot in the region. It is not unique and it is inside private locative area
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reason for appeal : Five Portals Removed

Portal Title: Mural Ecole De Pierrefleur
Adress : Chemin de Boissy, Lausanne
Lat/Long: 46.533329, 6.616730

Portal Title: Blue Octopus
Adress : Chemin de Pierrefleur, Lausanne

Portal Title: Game Boy Mural
Adress : Chemin de Pierrefleur, Lausanne
Lat/Long: 46.533926,6.617707

Portal Title: Soleil Couchant
Adress : Chemin des Noisetiers, Lausanne
Lat/Long: 46.531587,6.621912

Portal Title: Fresque des 40 ans
Adress : Chemin des Noisetiers, Lausanne
Lat/Long: 46.531963,6.622513

comments: There was absolutely no problems with those portals: good portal (paintings), accessible, totaly safe, not in private property, not in school (some were near, but no in the school perimeter), and they all still exist.

+NIA Ops
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