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Kortni Litster
Shoe addict, auntie extraordinaire, travel enthusiast, sports fan, social media maven.
Shoe addict, auntie extraordinaire, travel enthusiast, sports fan, social media maven.

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If you are looking for a delectably sweet or savory treat, this is the place! The associates are so sweet and helpful; the cupcakes and bread puddings are to die for! There are gluten-free options... And they are AMAZING!

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One year down...
So on Thursday, Sister Webb and I celebrated our one year mark. To make the event we both got drinks that we love but didn't love us so much and we were both a little sick because of it. It’s really weird to think that I've been on my mission for a whole ye...

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A new post on the bloggy blog...

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Emails galore!
Hi All! This is Kortni. I have been terrible at
posting-- I am so sorry! Below are Becca's most recent emails. We are so proud
of her and her accomplishments :) September 15: This week has been exhausting. I feel
like we never stopped. It was helpful that S...

Post has attachment more than saying sorry! #notjustasong
This is not a typical Kortni post y'all... I might get a bit churchy here. Just wanted to give you some fair warning :) Lately, I have been on this kick about forgiveness. Not just forgiving others, but also forgiving ourselves. I can forgive anyone of virt...

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Catching up with Sister Litster!
So, I have been a terrible sister. I have not updated Becca's blog for a bit and I am so sorry for that! I will post several of her letters (pics to come!). We are coming up on her SIX MONTH mark-- time moves so slowly, yet so fast!! Here goes :) February 2...

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Becca's birthday letter!
Thanks for the birthday wishes! So just so you know because yesterday was a holiday I don't have a whole lot of time. You're getting the big email today for everyone so make you let the family see. So first off two of my investigators are being baptized in ...

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Assessment Time! yay... #continuedchchchanges
In the past few weeks, I have tried each day to implement the changes in my life that will help me on my path to self-discovery. Most times I feel successful at the end of the day. I have shared my feelings {even when it was hard or not in agreement with ot...

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Ooooh pictures! Cheeeerrss!!
Many thanks to Brother and Sister McKee for the pics of Becca and Sister Whitford from December 14 and December 16. We are so excited to talk to Becca next week for Christmas!! Sister Whitford and Sister Litster Sister Whitford and Brother McKee Sister Lits...
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