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Be careful what you wish for...

When J. Alex Cook, a production assistant on The Fourth Estate (one of network TV’s hottest shows), is accidentally catapulted to stardom, he finds himself struggling to navigate both fame and a relationship with Paul, one of Fourth’s key writers. Despite their incendiary chemistry, Alex’s inexperience and the baggage they’re both carrying quickly lead to an ugly break-up.

Because the stars aren't benign

Reeling from their broken hearts, Alex has an affair and Paul has an ill-advised reunion with an old flame. Meanwhile, the meddling of their colleagues, friends -- and even the paparazzi! -- quickly make Alex and Paul’s real life romance troubles the soap opera of the television season.

But while the entertainment value may be high, no one knows better than Alex and Paul that there are no guarantees when it comes to love in Los Angeles.
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Racheline Maltese

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It's like Facebook, only different. I understand it just as little!
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Yes, and no.
The tricky thing is figuring out the different circles/filters for both reading and sharing, so sometimes it's more like twitter (or LJ as Terry points out above) and sometimes it's more like FB (but so far without all the games and other spam).
I like some things (more control of information via the circles) but am not as crazy about some things still. (Blocking someone on facebook is more effective.)
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Racheline Maltese

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On the odd chance anyone I know only uses Google+, tickets for Dogboy & Justine are now on sale at

When Justine finds herself out of a job and out of her apartment, she embarks on a career college definitely didn't prepare her for. As the newest dominatrix at Mistress Maybe's House of Sin, Justine contends with creepy clients, mercenary coworkers, and unexpected friendships. A real world musical experience that will make you question your choice of career.

This production of Dogboy & Justine is an Equity approved Showcase.
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I'm always here :D
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Racheline Maltese

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Okay, biggest problem with the real name policy? I don't know who half of you are!
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onebrightroad from LJ, contrarywise on DW waves
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