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Antonio Lenyear
Discover your own Aesthetic, in order to live Authentic.
Discover your own Aesthetic, in order to live Authentic.
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The "Next-Next Step" in U.S. Family Unit Progression and Modernism? Heterosexual Polyamourous families? They are all supposedly straight. The men just both happen to love the same woman. (Of course I say "next-next step" since homosexual married couples are still in debate and the mere idea is still breaking taboo and convention for some.)

Do college degrees come with an expiration date? At what point are you and your degree to old to be considered for a position.

In the beginning... there was Monday.

its hard to pull out my DS and play Pokemon White w/ this hot tamale young mami sitting next to me. #CanIHaveYoNumba #MadTV

Wi-Fi on the Amtrak?!?! Now for sure none of my work will get done. But I will do my best...

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Decided to do my senior thesis on this topic. Its actually extends further into notions covered in the film "Race To Nowhere." Pretty Cool. Check it out.

Ok... Back on Google Plus. Taking a Facebook break. Going to explore it much more.

Watching Paranormal Activity for the first time...

REALLY want to pre-order Xmen Destiny for the PS3... but the bank account is like "whoa, slow ya roll bro."
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