My First Google+ Book Review of The Cancer  
Thanks +Charles Strebor!

I am looking for some reviews on Lulu as well. I lost my only one when I did an update to the cover/book last week. 

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The Cancer: A Short Review

"AIDS? Oh thank god doctor, I thought you said age."*
I pissed myself laughing, I did, when I read that in either late 90 or early 91. It was a line from a monologue  of a dying queen at a time when there was but one HIV treatment (with a few in trials) and many people were dying.  The black humour from this monologue was one of the many beautiful things at a time when any humour at all was much needed: it was a good community binder. 

And all of those words just for the back story to introduce you to _The Cancer_ by +Niamh Brown - a story about another Queen.  As I read The Cancer I kept thinking of that quote as it drew out my own dark humour and got me thinking on many tangents.  Not because Niamh's book is full of such humour - it's just that  the story reminded me on a gut level of those times.

This book is one that you should have in your collection.

Buying the book for your collection is also a good way to support one of the many #GoodPeople  that you've met on G+.  Follow the link, get the book.

Any more words would result in me doing a spoiler - so I'll end with saying: get the book.

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*Words may not be as written exactly...  From one of the monologues in a book of short plays that I can not find a reference for.  I recalled, perhaps incorrectly which explains finding no reference, that it was Poof Positive and I also thought I recalled the author was Patrick Roberts.  Any help in discovering the origin of this quote would be much appreciated. Poof have also been pouf. ???
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