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(Another) status update
It appears I am now a member of the bargaining unit. My last paycheck had the automatic fair share deduction taken out. This is not actually a surprise. There are a lot of complicated details I won't go into, but enough has changed at work that it's perfect...

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Status update
Well, it seems mostly settled that I'm not in the bargaining unit after all. I recently rescinded my membership in the union, and when I did so was informed that I was not a member of the unit in the first place. (Still, the leadership promised to honor my ...

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I have often criticized the UIC United Faculty Union's website. My main criticism stands. It is inaccessible and seems designed to discourage people from viewing it, and it essentially erases the union's pre-website history. It is very hard to find statemen...

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Wherein the UIC United Faculty Union demolishes one of my criticisms
A long, long while back, I criticized, at this link, a statement made by the union .  That statement said in part, that some faculty (before the union contract) earned "less than they would if they were managing a McDonald's."*  At the time, I wrote, that...

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Good on the UIC United Faculty Union
I have complained recently ( here and here ) about transparency and the UICUF website .  But I should point out that the union has posted minutes from its February 5, 2015 minutes.  Here's it the link to the PDF , and here is the link to the page where the ...

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Re-evaluating transparency: grade changed to B+
In my last post , I went to some length criticizing the union's website and expressing my view that the union is not as transparent as it should be.  There are still some issues with the website and, in my opinion, with the union's overall transparency and ...

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"B-" for transparency: the UIC United Faculty Union website
I have already noted some of the challenges in the UICUF's new website in an earlier post .  In that post, my biggest complaint was that the new website essentially wipes clean the history of the UICUF.  (Yes, "wipes clean the history of" is a value laden, ...

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Credit where it's due
I spend a lot of time criticizing the UIC United Faculty Union, and I stand by most of my criticisms, and when I don't, my goal is formally retract them or admit when I am wrong.  I also wish to acknowledge when it does right.  The recent election is one ar...

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On geese, gander, and going dark; or, why some of the links on this blog don't seem to work anymore
In a recent post , I explained why I had briefly taken my blog offline and why I put it back online.  I say this now because in this post I am about to criticize the UIC United Faculty Union for doing something similar with its new website, which you can fi...

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My unsolicited advice to the UICUF: shy away from electoral politics
The UIC United Faculty Union proposes to hold a meeting of members this week.  I won't be going, mostly because I think it would be wrong to go and be privy to a members-only conversation when it is not clear that I am a member .  But I have some thoughts a...
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