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Post has attachment It's been a while since I've allowed myself to hop on a hype train, but... here we are.
I've daydreamed about what I would want in my "perfect MMORPG" for years. Today, I came across this game, Chronicles of Elyria, which hits all the points I've ever wanted.

Hardcore Characters/Permadeath *
Non-repeatable Quests (Dynamic World)
Player-Driven Stories
Player-Owned, Non-Instanced Buildings
Player-Owned Towns
Siege Warfare
Realistic Armor (No Chainmail Bikinis)

*- Your character can resurrect multiple times, but eventually, either by old age or dying too many times, your character is permanently dead.

At the risk of getting Darkfall-ed again, I'm going to let myself be excited for this game.

Awesome quality-of-life feature in +Google Music: listening to SongA in PlaylistA, I go to PlaylistB (which also contains SongA), and start a radio station. Playback of SongA does not cease: Google Music is smart enough to just tack the new radio station to the end of this song, since it would fit in here.


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Some guy made a voice recognition bot to play Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes solo. Holy crap.
+Larry Skene
+Robert ONeal

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So I just got Android Marshmallow on my Nexus 6, and decide to try the new Google Now on Tap.

I went to test this on Reddit. The first result was Adolf Hitler. Surprised, I did a "Find on page." No "Hitl" and no "Adol." No photos of Hitler I could spot.

Is this a bug? Is there some hidden Nazionale propaganda in Reddit's source code? I bring up the source on my PC and do a CTRL+F.

Turns out there was a link to this article on The Verge about Cards Against Humanity and Secret Hitler.

Mystery solved. Crisis averted.
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Yesterday, playing Metal Gear Solid V, I played the cassette for The Man Who Sold the World. It struck me that the song was familiar, but different.
Then I realized I knew it from Nirvana's Unplugged album.

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This year, I wanted to be something scary for Halloween. So, I picked something that can, and will, kill everything you love.
And so, I'm George R. R. Martin.

Not even Halloween yet, and there are already ads for Christmas movies...
Damn it.

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Oh shit, son! They are making a new Roller Coaster Tycoon?!
Roller Coaster Tycoon World's first beta weekend kicks off on October 30.

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+Chad Owens​ You think Tucker would have a conniption fit if you made him this?
$99 for the Toy and a little sweat equity turns it into a pretty cool costume
hmm, I might have to check and see if +Michael Interbartolo IV would fit inside the armor from the 48" tall toy.

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