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This POS pushed her attack dog onto women and children at the #NODAPL protest - spread her shame.

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Secret Door Discovered At Center Of Machu Picchu

A few months ago, Thierry Jamin and his team think they have realized an extraordinary archaeological discovery in the Inca city discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. This discovery was made possible thanks to the testimony of a French engineer who lives in Barcelona-Spain, David Crespy. In 2010, while he was visiting the lost city, David Crespy noticed the presence of a strange “shelter” located in the heart of the city, at the bottom of one of the main buildings.

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Who’s Killing Who? A Viewer’s Guide
Because you can’t tell the players without a pogrom!

This is from Alex Gray  From the Cosm Newsletter 
and a wonderful Dec 21st 2012 focus for those at home wanting to connect via prayer and meditation on the Winter Solstice 2012
Blessings all thank you for choosing to be who you are in your Divine expression of a human BEING......., see you in prayer. Powerfully positive message 
" Together we are called into sacred remembrance of the absolute miracle of our existence"


The Pachamama prophecy tells us that when the eagle flies with the condor there will be peace. When so many gather worldwide to celebrate a calendar originating with the Mayans, there is some evidence of the eagle and condor flying together. The earth is beloved by celestial spirits who treasure the miracle of life on our planet. Imagine our earth as cradled by Grace as we join together today.  We affirm the Earth as the divine gift it is.

        This winter solstice, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of brothers and sisters are gathering at sacred sites throughout the world and collectively crying out for a New Aeon of unity and love at the dawn of a planetary civilization. At this moment of oneness, know we are the light, we are conscious visible sunlight. All plants worship the sun and absorb the living light through chlorophyll, the green elixir of light and life. The light of consciousness illuminates our flesh.

        Contemplate the light in your own heart, and strengthen that light by calling up the earth energies from the molten core. Grounded and supported by the Great Mother, bring this energy into your heart and watch it grow brighter. Link your minds with galactic center. Draw down the light of heaven into your heart and feel the line of light passing through the earth, then through your body, aligning with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Allow your earthly and cosmic being to enfold within your own heart-light and expand an illumined egg around your auric body. Envision your heart, the seed of all creative actions, as sacred in the past and future. Nurture this seed within,  gestating your gifts to the world, strengthened by the auric illuminated egg around you. Allow the egg of your light-body to empower the seeds of your future creations, connected with a grid of countless souls around the world, all called into unity. Let this winter solstice celebration empower all of our visions of peace. Celebrate, connected with people all over the world, this precious moment of a New Aeon.

        Together we are called into sacred remembrance of the absolute miracle of our existence, into the astonishingly complex layers of the architecture of our being. Honoring our bodies as sacred vessels, there is ultimately One God Consciousness, One Infinite Self, One Transcendental Ground of Emptiness, One existence coextensive with Universal Creativity.

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We started getting these calls from
The Center for Disease Control
about a month ago.

There are no children in our home.

Is anyone else getting these calls?
And is it really the CDC calling.
The caller ID says
“NORCU -- Chicago”

Is this really the CDC

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Great interactive application that shows the scale of the very very small and very very large of the universe. Thanks +Jesse Stay for the link.

Ok question: Which did you find more enjoyable sliding to the right (macro) or sliding to the left (micro)?

Click on the link above to access the interactive element.
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