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Free play of some music by Therion.
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AFI Live.  Genres are: Punk, Horrorpunk, etc.
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Wanna Win a Brand New iPad Mini?!?

Well, I've got one right here in my hands that we'll be shipping to one of you on Friday!

You remember when I did the Top Weather Apps shootout a couple weeks ago?  Well, we named +WeatherCaster  the top app, and it caught their attention (as these things often do). :)  They were pleased and surprised, and in celebration they gave us an iPad Mini to give to one of YOU!

Entering to win is simple!

1) Download the free app for your iPad! Trust us, it's awesome! ==>
2) Make sure you have +WeatherCaster in a Google+ circle.
3) Publicly re-share this post in order to enter to win!

See how easy we make it!

UPDATE: Ok gang! We hear ya! If you DON'T HAVE AN iPad, you can still enter even if you can't yet download the app! (Just do #2 &#3)

If you didn't see the episode yet, watch below!

By the way, WeatherCaster is only for US weather, so this contest is limited to the US. Sorry to all my international friends!  I still love you, you know that, right? :)

And one last, little, tiny detail.  The lawyers made us link to the official terms.  If you need some lite reading before bed, here you go:
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WIN A FREE Drobo 5D!!!

Our friends over at Drobo  gave us  a FREE Drobo 5D to give away during PhotoPlus Expo!

UPDATE: Drobo has said we can make this giveaway INTERNATIONAL! So, have at it, everyone! :-)

Here's how to win:

1) Do you have me in a circle? Step 1 complete!
2) Publicly SHARE this post.  THAT'S IT!  You've entered! :-)

We'll pick winners today then add you to a circle and send a public announcement. Keep an eye out for it!


(You can also see more on
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No need to be in the UK to win ;)
Check what you're signing up for in exchange, of course.
Who wants to win OnOne Perfect PhotoSuite 6 with a free upgrade to 7 when released? Well today you can - full details here on NAPPMEMBER UK
Please share - it would be much appreciated, thank you :)
Please leave a comment if you shared or entered. Cheers.
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Did not expect this at all.  Oughta be interesting..
Google Buys Nik Software
BOOM! And just like that the #photography  industry and social media just got a LOT more interesting.  The  +Nik Software blog just announced that #Google  just bought Nik software.  As a big fan of both Google and Nik, I am ecstatic to see this happening.  Big congrats to +Vic Gundotra  and the rest at Google for it.  Way way way cool.. 

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