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Aah Aah Aah aah staying alive!!

Y #DoctorWho #StayingAlive  

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Ok I know some of you don't like to do chain letters or blah but this is serious, I am getting really tired of people judging him so what if he's old, I don't care and neither should you, if you don't think he is fit for the doctor then you are NOT  a true whovian, a true whovian is loyal to the doctor no matter how he is, he might be a girl, he might have blue eyes, he might be a ginger, he might be young he might be old, but a TRUE whovian wouldn't care, right now, right now he can see all your post and comments the you guys say about him, he has hope on making everybody happy he is trying to prove to you that he is fit for the doctor, but for a true  whovian, they'll think he doesn't even to have to try. peter is awesome and I think he will be fit for the doctor, and if you don't then your not a whovian you might think you be because you watched season 1-7 but still your not a whovian if you aren't loyal to the doctor
please share if you agree to stop hating on peter capaldi  share if you care
thank you all who agree with me

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Congratulations to my cousin, Emily Garrison, for winning Dancing with the Athens Stars.

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I wonder if we will ever get to a place where people just allow one another to make the decisions that make them happy without judgment. 
Homeschooling, Semi-crunchy, monogamous ( poly friendly) heterosexual (LGBT friendly) pagan mother of 2 human children and 5 furry children. Loves knitting, cooking, camping.
Homeschooling, Semi-crunchy, monogamous ( poly friendly) heterosxual (but LGBT friendly) pagan mother of 2 human children and 5 furry children. Loves knitting, cooking, camping. 
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