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Chris Wayne
I like turtles.
I like turtles.

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So who's gonna snap up gnome-shell?

RIP Unity

My biggest takeaway from Embedded World is just how well and thoroughly Linux runs the whole damn world

I'm truly embarrassed to be American.

I really don't like that linkedin thinks Microsoft is "a company similar to yours". 

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A few of my favorite pictures I took from this last vacation. 
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Soooo Scotland's gonna leave the UK now right?

Welp, seems its high time to close my Linkedin account

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So I thought the custom plugin I had to use for snapcraft to snap up Atom had been a one-off, but with no changes, looks like it worked for N1 too :D

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Atom snap in case anyone wants to give it a try (note, you need to install with --devmode!) Let me know if you run across any issues
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