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The power of Android at the flick of your wrist!
The power of Android at the flick of your wrist!

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Working on some new features for root users, including flick to answer an incoming call.  Also, root users will be able to eliminate that annoying 5 second delay that happens when you press the home button and then try to launch a widget.

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Flick Widgets on Android Central!  Thanks Simon for picking Flick Widgets as your app of the week!

We are up to version 2.2 now.  The launcher widget was released in 2.0.  Consider using the launcher widget for quick access to toggles, bookmarks, social media updates, or anything else you can imagine.  

Version 2.1 introduced a new feature to quickly launch any application immediately when you flick.

In version 2.2, we did away with the individual in-app purchases and switched to a free version vs. pro version.  To unlock the pro version, tap the orange unlock icon at the top of the main screen of the app.  The pro version includes the launcher widget, the open app feature, and removes all ads from the app.  When you upgrade to the pro version, you will be guaranteed to get all future features included when they are released.

Flick Widgets version 2.0 will be released very soon.  This version adds a Launcher Widget that allows you to use the sliding drawer as a container for application shortcuts as well as any widget installed on your phone, including any widgets downloaded from the Google Play Store.  It works a lot like the Android home screens, except now you can access the apps and widgets with the flick of your wrist!  This will be a premium feature available as an in-app purchase from the Flick Widgets store.

New version 1.3.1 was just released.  This release contains some improvements to the Flick Sensitivity.  Apparently it was not sensitive enough for some phones, including the Galaxy S3.  You can now adjust it to be more sensitive.

This release also improves the performance of the People Widget by caching it ahead of time instead of building it from scratch each time it was requested.  This was problematic if you had a lot of contacts in your selected group since it could take a few seconds to build before it would slide out.  It should perform much better now.

Versions 1.2 and 1.3 were recently released.  Version 1.2 brought a new ActionBar interface with two tabs... one for your widget setup and one for the new store.  The store will contain premium features for sale via in-app purchases.  There is only one for now to remove the ads.

Version 1.3 brought with it the new brightness widget for adjusting your screen brightness at the flick of your wrist!

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Version 1.1 is released!  Featured in this release is the new People Widget! Flick to show your starred and recent contacts with four different ways to interact with those contacts:
- Direct Dial
- Direct Message/SMS
- Show Contact Badge
- Show Full Contact Details

Speed dial from your phone has never been so easy!

If you want to make sure certain contacts show up in the widget, mark them as starred from their contact screen. Also mark the default phone number for your contacts. Otherwise, the app will default to the mobile number if it is available.  The last resort will be to use the first number the app finds that is not the default number and not the mobile number.

Flick Widgets is finally here!  Flick Widgets is an all new app in the Google Play store that brings you the power of Android at the flick of your wrist!  

Simply flick your device left, right, front, or back to reveal a useful widget. Don't stop what you are doing to dig into the phone settings or other apps. Just flick and the widget slides out with minimal disruption. 

Version 1.0 brings the volumes widget, with many more widgets on the way.  The volumes widget allows you to update your various volume streams without needing to dig into your phone's settings.  Adjust your media volume before you start watching that youtube video or starting up Pandora.

Many new features and widgets to come!  Suggestions and feedback are most welcomed!
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