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Wendy Nather
I DO NOT USE GOOGLE+ ANY MORE. You can add me, but it'll be really boring.
I DO NOT USE GOOGLE+ ANY MORE. You can add me, but it'll be really boring.

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We all stand behind Kai and are looking forward to the relaunch of the book.

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QOTD: "Only the gods of the Hindus have enough faces and enough hands with enough palms on them to put together an appropriate response to this." - +Axel Eble

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Okay, these are truly awesome. I want an Apokatana for Xmas.

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I get to brag that I co-authored a book with each of these security luminaries. How awesome is that?
Ah, the book they all talk about is now available on!
Authored by great people like +Dr Anton Chuvakin +Mourad Ben Lakhoua Brian Honan +Wendy Nather +Alex Hutton +Kai Roer +Lori MacVittie +Javvad Malik +Kevin Riggins and more!

From the website:

This book targets decision makers in organizations worldwide. Whether you run a small company, is the president of a global NGO, or the CISO of a well-known brand - this book brings you relevant knowledge about security in the Cloud.

This book helps you to understand the differences and the similarities between cloud computing and traditional networking - which in essence is the same, yet different. If you are considering moving to the cloud, or are looking for a higher level of security for your existing appliance, The Cloud Security Rules help you to choose the right level of security - based on your needs and understanding.

Hi again.

If you're seeing this in your stream, you apparently added me to a circle. Which I appreciate -- don't get me wrong -- but if you've done so recently and we haven't met, I'd really like to know why. I haven't been posting, so I can't figure out why anyone would want to add me out of the blue.

So if you wouldn't mind, please check one or more of the following:

"I put you in a circle because:

__ It was a slow G+ news day.

__ I saw you in someone else's circle and thought, what the hell.

__ I didn't add you -- it must have been G+ being 'helpful.'

__ I saw you in that zombie apocalypse video on YouTube and thought, 'That's the girl for me!'

__ Who are you?

__ Other (please describe): _______________________"

Thank you!

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Vary niice.

Hi there.

If you've added me to a circle, I should let you know that I haven't been on G+ much at all, and frankly, can't think of anything to post here that I couldn't just as easily write somewhere else. So if you're looking for any kind of news, it's better to find me on Twitter as @451wendy. I don't expect to be active here any more.


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Wacky Races, indeed.
September 30th! Tell your friends and frenemies to sign up now!

Rental Car Rally's first-ever South-centric, gumbo-fueled piece of four-wheeled madcappery, Austin to New Orleans will take you and your jean-short'd brethren on a 12-hour overnight journey through swamps haunted by ghost crocs, past farmsteads run by necromancers, and into a well-tippled and besotted infamy. There will be buxom handmaidens, menageries of rodent skulls, paintball hijinks, shopping cart races, and boobies. Then we're going to drink until everybody feels attractive.
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