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GO Oz Hot Spots I DO Cool Things I SEE Australia
GO Oz Hot Spots I DO Cool Things I SEE Australia

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How cool is this? I'm interviewed by cool travel website Trippush!

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Your chance to WIN! Check it out!!

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Check out my HOT Aussie contribution to this list of amazing adventures from around the world!

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How amazing are these 14 TOP Secret Hot Spots from ALL around Australia? They'll REALLY inspire your travels!! Enjoy!!

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It's not all about me ... but I'm SO in this post! Check out my hometown and a lot more from fellow Aussie bloggers!

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If you're up for an awesome array of stunning coastal scenery, amazing bakeries and super cool scenic loos, then don't miss South Australia's Yorke Peninsula!

Here's WHY!

#YorkePeninsula   #SouthAustralia   #AussieLoosWithViews  

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Check out my contribution - loud & proud Aussie - in this post from Stephanie Mayo about books that inspire travel!

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Read about my 7 Ages of Travel in the  RedzAustralia feature on +Jo Castro's great blog Lifestyle 50!

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The colours keep on coming down at the bottom end of South Australia's Yorke Peninsula at the end of another perfect day downunder!

+L'Australie du Sud (South Australia) #SouthAustralia #sunset +Sunrise & Sunset +Sunset Saturday 

#PhotoManiaAustralia +Photo Mania Australia curated by +Tony Heyward  +Ed Cobb +John Hunt and +Gerard Blacklock

#StunningMoment + 106314743058506488325 by +Alycia Cai +Zvonimir Fras

#soothingphotography (+Soothing Photography) curated by +E Cindy  and +Massimo Marengo

+EVERYDAY THINGS  curated by  +luca lancieri +Boba Musura #everydaythings

#LandscapePhotography +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins  +Dave Gaylord +Eric Drumm +Jeff Beddow +David D +Bill Wood +Tim Newton+Chandler L. Walker +Ronald Varley +Hamid Dastmalchi +Sylvia Ting +AJ Lim +Krzysztof Felczak

#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated by +Michael Garza +Leo Schubert +David D +Mike Hankey +Peter Marbaise +Hans-Juergen Werner

For +ColorsOnFriday curated by +Britta Rogge and +Karsten Meyer - #ColorsOnFriday

#themagicoflight Curators +Ray Bilcliff +Paul Stein +***

#landscapephotos by +Robert SKREINER +LANDSCAPE Photos

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+Amazing Earth Plus You #amazingearthplusyou #amazingearth

#NatureMonday +NatureMonday  curated by +Rolf Hicker +Kate Church

#myfpod +My Fav Pic of the Day +Trudy Grossman+Victoria D 


#allthingsred +AllThingsRed 

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Scroll down to April 3 for my contribution - but take it SLOWLY!  There are a LOT of FAAAAABULOUS shots to see along the way!  Thanx +Margaret Tompkins for including my work in this AMAZING collection!
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