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Let’s face it: There’s no bad place to have sex. Granted, each of us has places we may like more than others—in the bed, on the bearskin rug, in the family stall of the World Trade Center observatory bathroom—but at the end of the day, any place you happen to be getting laid is a good spot.

But there’s something special about having sex in a car. Maybe it’s the way it brings you back to high school, when it was that rare place you and your first real girlfriend could be totally free from prying parental eyes; maybe it’s the cumulative effect of a thousand songs, movies, and other pop culture references to the act of automotive love-making. Regardless of why, cars and sex are liable to be tied together in the American psyche for the rest of time. (Of course, it should go without saying that finding a private place to park is an essential prerequisite.)

That said … as anyone who’s ever owned a Volkswagen Beetle or a Mini Cooper can testify, some cars are better than others when it comes to getting lucky. That’s not to say people don’t make it work; if necessity is the mother of invention, then horniness is the father of persistence, and there are plenty of people wandering this planet today who were conceived in spite of the tight confines of a compact car’s back seat.

But why settle for less, when you could do it in the best?

In that spirit, Men’s Health has pulled together a list of the best cars on sale today in which to have sex. Consider it a public service.
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