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Reality, not wishful thinking.
Reality, not wishful thinking.

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Part of the "Hebrew", "You must keep the commands to please God", "but seriously, I'm not Hebrew Roots Movement!" heresy.

Now to debunk this heresy and Historical and Biblical Illiteracy:
In Acts 2, the Jews are spread all over(the diaspora already happened), much further than Colossae.  Colossians was written after the events of Acts 2 had taken place.

It wasn't a defense against paganism.  Jews were converting to Christianity, and they in turn were converting pagans--see Paul's essay on meat sacrificed to idols for example.

Salvation was first for the Jew, and then for the Gentile. 

Cephas(Peter) was the Apostle sent to the Jews.

Paul was the Apostle to the Gentiles.  This is also Scriptural.  This is why Acts starts with Peter, and Jews and Jewish Convert(FORMER PAGANS!--OH MY!) listening to Peter and the others Preach the Gospel and took it back to their own area.  BUT BUT BUT COLOSSAE IS 800 MILES AWAY!  Just stop Zach...

Contrary to those stupid graphics and animations showing a slow growth of Christianity, it exploded in the first generation, it wasn't a slow growth.  Empires and Kingdoms of the time cover more than 800 miles. What Zachary has done here is commit a logical fallacy: one of "appeal to ignorance".  Which is very ironic--Doug Hamp level ironic.

The Bible must be read in context, not taking 2 verse and twisting them to your own agenda.  There are over 600 regulations to follow in the Torah.  So why is it these so-called Torah keepers only follow a single digit amount of the regulations?  Ironically, the ones Paul said they could keep!  Yet others, such as Hamp and his followers, and several of Skiba's followers mock and blaspheme the Scriptures written by Paul--which were verified by Peter, the Apostle to the Jews.  Again--Ironic.  Sad.

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Busted Zach Bauer (mericanhomsetead) supporting the Talmud. Filthy liars always expose themselves, you just have to give them enough time (even though his 'doctrine' was crystal clear as a talmudist from the beginning).

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Shared under fair use for education and criticism. The wiki article is concerning the 'projecting' style remarks Ezra has made.
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This clown got his youtube channel banned for his 3rd terms of service violation (despite the pleas of being targeted politically--give me a break).

Anyone defending this repeat offender and all around idiot needs to get rid of all firearms as they are a danger to themselves and those around them.

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Probably not a coincidence. This is the public obituary of Patricia Steere's mother.
No wonder Rob Skiba, Rick Hummer, Calm Crash (Rob Baxter III), Jeran Campanella(atheistic though), Jon Pounders, Lex Meyer, David Carrico, William Schnoebelen (sp?) and many others are overt judaizers/sympathetic to it, and they almost only hang out with other...judaizers.

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Uh oh...a non-profit for flat earth...from the same crowd that thinks your church is demonic for being...a non-profit.

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Giovanni (Johnny) Cirucci continues his forays into historical dishonesty and intellectual autism with the repeated claims that jesuits aren't j00s, and the j00s are UNKNOWINGLY manipulated by them!
He's a smokescreen and an agitator. Whenever confronted with historical reality by anyone, the best he can do is pull a Rob Skiba (his favorite talmudist) and hurl insults at them rather than actually attempt to refute them. (You typically make no attempt to refute your opposition when you have no answer...)

What is up with Hebrew Rooters (closet talmudists) constantly claiming the Earth is flat?
They constantly lie and claim the Bible says the earth is flat.
What they keep forgetting is it is in the Jerusalem Talmud that says the Earth is flat. Sorry, but the Talmud is not part of the Bible you illiterate liars!

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When you're dealing with someone defending Yeager, you're dealing with another n00b afflicted with the Dunning Kruger effect...
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