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Rolfing® Structural Integration

Here are a few more events U.S. Rolfers are holding to honor Dr. Rolf's 116th birthday on May 19th.

Lu Muller-Kaul is offering free sessions to children under 18 in Orlando, FL from May14-20.

Wanda Silva is offering free sessions to children under 12 in Jacksonville, FL from May14-20.
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Ida's Birthday is May 19th! To honor her legacy, a few Rolfers™ are hosting Children's Clinics.

In Baltimore MD, Audrey McCann will hold her event on May 19, with guest speaker, Tessy Brungardt in the morning and sessions for kids in the afternoon.

In Portland OR, Karin Edwards Wagner will offer her clinic in the afternoon of May 19.

RISI will hold a Birthday Fundraiser.
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