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Judy Alter
Grandmother of seven, parent of four. I've been writing since I was ten. Retired as director of TCU Press in 2011 and turned to full-time writing.
Grandmother of seven, parent of four. I've been writing since I was ten. Retired as director of TCU Press in 2011 and turned to full-time writing.

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A typical retirement day NOT
Retirement is so
boring—at least that’s what I feared, though everyone said I’d be so busy I
wouldn’t know what to do. Boy, were they right. Today was a whirlwind. Doctor’s
appointment mid-morning. I went on my walker which in itself is a big

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Sunday, ah Sunday
Sundays are church
days. That was firmly engrained in me as a child, and I harbor a bit of guilt
when I don’t go. In the last six months or more, I’ve missed a lot of church
because it was too painful to walk, drive, all that was necessary. Now I go
when my...

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A gourmet meal for two
Me on the patio in my new shirt that says We are All Wonder Woman I believe it A fun day, mostly
cooking but also some work, and I finished the contest book I was raeding. An
old friend (1970s) came for suppeer tonight and I fixed a semi-gourmet meal.

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Lots of work and some insight
One of the good
days. A nice rain, without the predicted thunder, lightning, and tornadoes,
this morning. Sunshine, a slight breeze, and 70s this afternoon—happy hour on
the patio was delightful. Jordan, her good friend Amy, and a surprise but
welcome guest...

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Windy Day
The month of March
forgot it’s on its way out today and acted like the lion it’s supposed to come in
as. Son Jamie was in town for the day, and we had breakfast at Ol’ South so I
could indulge my love of corned beef hash and he could have his Dutch Baby. Bu...

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A mid-week, mid-day adventure
Who expects an
adventure on a Wednesday, in the middle of the day? Not me, but I had one
today. It began last week when a friend I’d not known well but had seen and
visited with here and there over the years called and said she’d had a knee
replacement in t...

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Is There A Gadget Guru in the House?
I’ve been plagued
by electronic failures lately—computer, cell phone, bed controls, in-house
camera. Clearly, I need a gadget guru. And here, I think, the difference comes
in between sons and daughters—or at least mine. I mentioned over
the weekend that my ...

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First day of spring…and trivia
Things that struck
me today: this is my parent’s 80 th wedding anniversary. Sure wish
they were here to celebrate In a column of
funny obituaries today, I found this: “Ding dong, the witch is dead, but the memory of our mother lives on.”
Shh. Don’t tell my ...

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A wonderful day—but where was my schedule?
Must be a sign of
aging, but I find that even in retirement I live by a schedule—up by 7:30,
lunch by noon, nap around two when my head starts falling into my keyboard,
dinner around six, and to bed at ten. And I don’t adapt gracefully to changes.
Lunch inv...

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Gripes and Glories
The last couple of
days have been filled with gripes and glories. My gripes first to get them out
of the way: Today got off to a
horrible start. My computer developed a mind of its own and operated with
willy-nilly regard to what I was asking or telling it ...
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