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Great interview with +John Robb
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Hi gn how are you doing
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Jevon MacDonald

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Fun if you can figure out how to use it.
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Jevon MacDonald

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David Fraser originally shared:
Using Google Plus "Instant Upload" to improve and automate your life

Among the cooler features of G+ on mobile devices is the instant upload feature. I travel a lot and collect loads of receipts. That turns my wallet into a mess of George Costanza proportions.

Over the last few trips, I've been taking photos of all my receipts with my phone, where the are magically uploaded to Picasa. I've created an album called "Receipts", where I move all these photos and have shared the album with my assistant. She magically gets a notice whenever new photos are uploaded to that album.

Now instead of nagging me to dump out my wallet, she just goes into the album, downloads them and life is much easier for all of us. Also, each photo is geotagged, which helps keep track of which trip they relate to.
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Jevon MacDonald

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By far the best operational analysis of the Occupy Movement that I have seen, by +John Robb
Ok. Let's recap. Occupy Wall Street wasn't able to actually occupy Wall Street. Why? A phalanx of legal and physical barriers as well as paramilitary police prevented it. What did they do? They took up residence in a place nearby: Zuccotti park. This occupation was made possible due to a loophole in the regulations of domestic compliance. The occupation of Zuccotti quickly proved to be plausible promise for an open source protest. What was the p...
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Thanks Jevon. Can't believe you have a moment in your busy start-up schedule to read my blog.
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Jevon MacDonald

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Jevon MacDonald

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**** originally shared:
+Jevon MacDonald did a good job with the rant I've shared along with +April Dunford +William Mougayar +Chris Arsenault +Mark Evans and others weighing in. I think this whole banding together problem is simply one of a lack of structure, metrics, and commitment. Here's what I would suggest/do.

1. Form Canadian StartUp Association. Call it the CSA because it will attract a bunch of folks from southern american states thinking this is another Confederate States of America association. Great for clicks on ads and bulking up search results.

2. You can buy your way in ($1000 bucks a year) or earn your way in (articles, mentoring hours, etc, per year).

3. Your start up commits to the rule of 10 per month. 10 hours of marketing help, 10 hours of development help, 10 gigs of space on a server some place, etc, etc. Per month. The math on this gets extraordinary if you get 1000 members. That reservoir of help goes towards helping each other and helping that guy in the cubicle get that cool thing off the ground.

4. Private bitch board. Some place private where we have a solid place to vent, complain, name names, and help each other with issues, problems, suggestions, etc. Founders only. No exceptions, you gotta know somebody. Sound familiar?

5. Team cross feeds. My marketing uber dude is +Tyler Lessard and when you combine him with +April Dunford, that's just chunky goodness. By moving this beyond one founder hanging with another and getting our teams to work together on non-competitive stuff, helping each other polish a slide or message, we get a monster talent working on companies to kick some ass. Special note: Chunky goodness was a superlative used by the Campbell Soup company so, no wise guys, I did not call Tyler and/or April fat.

6. Interns Interns Interns. See my numbers above. Get a 1000 start ups to cough up some cash, just a little I know it's tight, presto, you can get some part timers to run this thing as well as getting experience with marketing, project management, etc, etc. The point is make this somewhat professional and stop treating this 'problem' with semi-annual rants (good rants) and we gotta do something. Do it.

7. Sponsor we'll use. KPMG sponsors StartupNorth so, ah, how many people out there use KPMG? Yes, you in the back, thank you. So let's think out of the box a bit. Get a hotel in central toronto to 'sponsor' CSA as the official Hotel. We get a discount rate for all members, plus we promise them to hold a few events, etc. There is a Druxy's next to my office. Ryan and his sister run it. Make em the official catering place and then use em. Let's pick an official watering hole, an official breakfast location where VCs can ask for yet another forecast they aren't going to use. You get my point. See the interns above. We get them to fan out and find some sponsors we'll use. Note: KPMG is an amazing supporter of all things entrepreneurial in Canada. My point is to make sure they, like others, truly can get something out of it, which then gets happy sponsors of everything we need to do.

8. Support stuff. There were 13 comments on this rant from Jevon but only 3 'likes' and 6 +1s. Really? That's bad math.

Running a business is very very hard and sucks up lots of time. Trying to do the zillion things you have to do to get something off the ground is even harder and more time consuming. My passionate belief is that if we collectively carve off a portion of that time and collectively work together, that investment will pay back zillions. You will get the critical mass, the talent, the advantages, the edge, you (we) all seek.

Rock on, Jevon
Shit, that was a big year. Now we make our move… by Jevon MacDonald on December 22nd, 2011 in Canada, Startups. 2011 was an important year for Canadian Startups. We had some exits. Over $1bn worth. We...
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Jevon MacDonald

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Anthropologists tend to agree that once communities expand beyond small, familiar tribes, any hopes for equal power-sharing are mostly futile. The generally accepted threshold for a group of people to be able to know each other and develop fairly trusting relationships is roughly 150 people. Known as Dunbar’s Number, and named for British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, that threshold means any group that grows much larger is prone to breaking down into factions and turning people into strangers.
Fritz Tucker is through with trying to change Occupy Wall Street from the inside. The Brooklyn-based activist is through with hours-long meetings that morph into a discussion about whether the meeting...
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Don't believe anything from the media conglomerates about Occupy. They are owned by the enemy and determined to undermine the movement with propaganda.
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Jevon MacDonald

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Great post by +Dave Gray
The emerging service economy will require some fundamental restructuring of business and society. The organizations that got us to this point have bee
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Thanks Jevon!
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Blogger, Startupper and otherwise mean guy.
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