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Wondering if religious folks' obsession over womens' reproductive rights and healthcare will ever end. It needs to be shut down. I'm amazed that this is still an issue in 2014.
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They promised to "take back the country" the dark ages, evidently.
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Valerie Duncan

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More pimps in the news. This is tragic, but great that these children were recovered. Lets hope they aren't too damaged.
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People are horrible. 
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Valerie Duncan

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According to the article fellow officers were appalled by his conduct.
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+Valerie Duncan - True enough. There have been too many shootings, lately.
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Valerie Duncan

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Interesting article presenting opposing views. One view cautions against the medication of healthy people...
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Hobby Lobby took its case to the Supreme Court because of four forms of birth control the company believes are abortion-inducing -- but aren't. The Supreme Court accepted Hobby Lobby's claim that emergency contraception is abortion — even though the claim is not based in science.

Dr. Anne Davis, an associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center, explains how these these contraceptive methods work.

"For the average woman who is not on any kind of birth control, [the] process of fertilization is occurring over and over and over again and those women are not getting pregnant over and over and over again because many of those fertilizations never, ever implant."

"There are all these things that have to happen for pregnancy to occur. I think if people think about the question of when a woman is pregnant, the answer seems pretty intuitive. When I go to somebody and ask, How many times have you been pregnant? I’m not asking, How many times have you had fertilized eggs? These things are not the same. That isn’t a pregnancy, it’s just not there yet." ¹

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"It's hard being a pimp." Haha.
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Valerie Duncan

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+Loren Vanstone Well said. We all need to be on each others side, promoting a safer, healthier society. I believe that constructive dialogue towards that end is a good beginning. 
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