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Google Chrome Tip:
Did you know that Apple-Shift-V (or Ctrl-Shift-V on a PC) will paste text without formatting? Super handy for those those of us that used to paste text into the URL bar before inserting into an email/document/web page to strip out the formatting.
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Julia K
Learned this last week! Its been amazing :)
my god. this changes everything.

My ultra useful tip that I use all the time is re-opening recently closed tabs with Apple-Shift-T, though it's hardly a secret. :)
Apple-Shift-T is a good one. I'm the king of keyboard shortcuts. I barely use the mouse in Gmail. :^)
I don't understand how this is different from "rt click -> paste & match style"
Jess, I've never seen someone right click to paste on a Mac as much as you do.. :-)
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