What’s Going on ?
Israel is a State of the USA like it or not, it has its people inside and prosperous here. They take up most of our San Fernando Valley. But still we have 260 or more cultures and I guess about 5,000 languages. That’s because Los Angeles was founded with a Mercury and a Jupiter conjunction. I do not do astrology but that domain claims that communications are at a superior height to other astrological aspects. Hawks, if you looked up yesterday were gliding with the wind, having a blast. I AM back on weed after a few months break. But this is because I Am off those Ppills, day 5 or 6. Wow. Yesterday was a bad day. Today I got some sleep. More than 6 hours. My Team, if you are out there: response to Anti Fascists/ is Mars conjoined Jupiter J1-9. You could even do Kim, if you go mulit tasking. What AM I reading at night? 1924 home taught calculus book. Lolz. I hardly read the Bible and get most of my information from world history studies. You hear enough from all cultures because religion is intertwined. And Capitalism in high philosophy is a culture in and of itself. Israel needs some help and prayers to overcome a brain washed civilization that Jesus was a pussie. Having craft access as Enoch, not saying that is not cool? Geekship would love that, eh? It is just I do not rule this earth. I cannot get rich, my son can and be the ruler of all of you. #JesusReturned

The biggest secrets I will reveal are reincarnational. The resurrection of your body is reincarnation, in one sense of using this term.

If you are siding on Antifa for UFO secrecy I will destroy that secret. If you are under mind control, you use white to kill white or brown to kill white. #Whitegenocide . If you kill Christians, then you are going to Kill The Bush Family? Eh, Antifa?

Got Cake at Sandra’s and Richard’s and hot cholate mix bag and some roasted peppers with pine nuts and raisins and filled up three water jugs. And I will speak to the Doctor when I see him on a patch for quitting smoking cigarettes. If you are on my team, goodDs : then I placed on Donald Trump a non-assassination sig. Like Hillary’s “ I coded her soul so she could never become potus in any land,” that claim all over Gplus for years and on my site since 2009 – 2010, but that page has updates. Bush Jr. can amend for his sins for selling out U.S.A. to Israel, even though it is a US State off the books. Obama must have choomned Maui Wouwi back in the day, the strongest weed on earth. A pinner would take three grown men to la la land for four hours. A bug has five distinctive colored hairs. And it tasted like Sugarcane. The secret is the sea salts and the volcanic minerals which permeate the native soil. I stopped smoking week in 1998 early because of Guatemalan B strain was so powerful, grown on the volcano sides of the mountain, six puffs and could barely signal your arm to move. The coffee grown there is not sold to the public but to private bidders of international acclaim.

#Christians get to know your #Hebrew neighbors . Hi #Islam I love You.

6:03L.M.T. #bookoflife #michael

removed this person form the Lake of Fire : Richard Bruce Cheney.. He's ok. 6:55 #sheoaks
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