THIS IS WHAT #CIA #nsa LOOK AT: FOR HACK TRACES. anonymous remails can be sent from washingtondc and then the signal goes to Russian server and then to Amsterdam and back to New york and then onto washingtonDC and they have no clue. they have never caught one terrorist computer, because they cannot track them. #gotrumpsupporters go #donaldtrump   will give more examples  in a few minuets. *this is not a hack, but general Google groups headers. They  acquired  this from Deja . com of the first #stanfurd duffas purchases = win too -  this website will and has  became our current Cellphone platform. I am talking construction code of the platform, a netscape tree with box coding and then placing in the much hard #dynamic interchanges that are all hacks. So websites now come with auto hacks because this is how we all #interconnect   so people in jail for hacking are now realizing hack coding is standard web and cell platform coding. however, some have bad intentions to hacking. Not just snooping but stealing. those are bad. it also allows blogggers or trolls to get around company limit post restrictions. they can sign on to another accnt. and Violà  or Presto, off and running w/ more posts.  however, these companies do charge monthly fees.

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THIS poster is #shawcanada ( west coast)  ip; but no id on email headers; no freaking way #nsa nor #cia can understand it. It is emial and there is no information on  this. Why? It is run through anonymous remailers, most off shore and still legal. this cloaks NSA and CIA communications too. makes it very private for all parties, not just hackers.

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6 year old boys and girls called up CNN and said the  Russian hack proof you just showed on #cnn WAS a kids video game code , you freaking imbecile ;  #fakenews   #bookoflife #arcmichael #01032017ad

#podestaemails sais Eric  #Braverman has sought asylum in Russia; His last tweet, Oct 12 th 2016 A.D. #podestaemails has #johnpodesta fingering him as the source of his Gmail hack, which was not a hack. #hillaryclinton & #beast #williamjclinton gave him the passwords to many accounts so #Braveman could clean up the dirties in the Clinton Foundation Files and spreadsheets. What #braveman found out, disturbed him. Each of Obama's 10 regime changes were coupled with payouts by those actors wanting regime change. So the #clintonfoundation was a global war for  profit machine. They do not care about life or love. Just cocaine, booze, , sex, thuggery, white collar crimes, and disregard for  human life. #crookedhillary needs to be in #jail#emailleaks #sethrich was then id because he too had been given authority to  look into the leaks. Perhaps, not wanting to be fingered #Braveman gave the unhacks to Rich who then  forward them, imo . #russia played no roll.
  #bookoflife #arcmichael #01032017ad #masoniclevel34

this poster is from #England but signal goes through Norcal Stanfurd, #california . lolz NSA will say, this came from Northern California, at a UC campus. lolz. it entered by New york server, as seen in path, and this  came from across the pond. and it has an Amsterdam IP, lolz

Path:!!!!!!!!!!!53ab2750!not-for-mail From: "Krib" <>

#jamesclapper   head of #nsa #johnmccain and #crookedhillary are all admitted #drunks #alcohol #alcoholics and on film too.
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