#Susan #Rice directly connected to the Mullah #Iranian #illuminati confirmed. and now accusations of wiretap, surveillance on non #fisa approved #American citizens. #arcmichael #04032017ad #antichrists righthand man = #ricesusan who believes white are evil like #Obama. her #jihadimom works at #spookcentral and does #whitegenocide

go #donaldtrump #gotrumpsupporters

Source of illegal leaks, today in media, announced it was Obama’s right hand man: Susan Rice. Her father works for the Mullahs of Iran and lives in the rich district.
Susan Rice's father was the head of the IMF ( world bank) she asked Obama if he could print money for her pops, like in the billions. It was so Fun Obama said #illuminati are brown or yellow semites and not nordic. She is 100% semitic and her father lives in northern #Tehran, a neoiraniancon district of the Capitol of the Shi’i.

U. N. Council & Barackis Opeacenikis

' Terrorists Are Our Freinds'

27 Sept. 2012

•Susan Rice's Father an officer of the Federal Reserve and World Bank.

•Susan Rice's Mother a Senior Vice President of Control Data Processing.

When Susan Rice lied to the U. N. Council that the attack on Ben Ghāzhî was a ‘spontaneous protest’ triggered by the two hour earlier Protest at Egypt ( Egypt have been protesting for over two-years, so nothing new – until Cable News Network (C.N.N.) broadcasted a old (June 2012 You-Tube) trailer of an very low-budget documentary critical of Islamic radicals ( most Egyptians or Mideasterners have smart phones nor computers to access You-Tube, but most public establishments and private residents get C.N.N. ( they broadcasted this old video for 24 hours to, in my opinion, incite World War III to blame the Christians – to which Democrats would carry out a systemic global eradication of them – in order for them to reach their dystopic desires!) and Obama triumphed at the secret intelligence – the best the U.N. has to offer the world.
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