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Sean Savage
¡Viva la dissonance!
¡Viva la dissonance!

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SF pro tip: Avoid the Phallus of Fine Arts

SF pro tip: Avoid the Lesion of Honor

"If you talk about it, that's a show / But if you move about it, then it's a go." – lovin
Shabazz Palaces

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Nobody can touch the voice of Amy Winehouse. Not even "Victoria," OSX Lion's top-of-the-line new text-to-speech voice:

Toilet seat covers. Does anyone believe these micron-thin sheets of tissue paper actually prevent spread of disease? Maybe they do through the placebo effect, but can't we accomplish that with something that's not so fundamentally pathetic? A magical toilet-be-safe chant maybe…

You can't spell "deify" without "defy."

Can you recommend a stellar social media marketing consultant?

My friend is the mayor of one of Florida's biggest cities. He needs help launching a social media campaign for his lawfirm, which specializes in helping ripped off restaurant employees recover wages withheld from them by their employers (an all to common phenomenon in Florida).

Please drop me a line if you can recommend someone, especially if they have a proven track record specializing in something along these lines (employee advocacy, workplace law, etc.)

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“I’m no theologian, I don’t know who or what God is exactly. All I know is he’s a force more powerful than Mom and Dad put together.”

– Lisa Simpson

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