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Casey Frederick
Obey the PolarBear.
Obey the PolarBear.


I have snow tires on two vehicles now. Acquiring some for the third, and the fourth car just doesn't get driven in the snow (it's way too light and squirrely).

So surely, we'll have another drought year and not get a single flake of snow.

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Yeah, nice job wrecking the fucking car, Shawn!

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Fine, I'm begging. At the very least read and share this, please. To me, it's very important!

I want to be able to voice search and voice command on my living room PC just like I do on my android phone. I want to be able to say "Play artist" and have it start playing. What's the best way to accomplish this? The box currently runs Windows 7.

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Nothing to see here, Mr OSHA inspector.

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It's so dry here this year that one of the wettest towns in the nation, Forks, WA (aka Twilight Town), which usually gets 10 FEET of rain per year, has had to ban fireworks because they haven't seen rain in almost three months.

Mrs. Gomes found that 40% of students at her high school take chemistry. She randomly surveys 12 students. What is the probability that exactly 4 students have taken chemistry? Round the answer to the nearest thousandth.

+Seattle Seahawks+Seattle Seahawks Fans+seahawks12fan​ When we win the Superbowl in two weeks, when will the parade be? I need to request the day off of work!

Pop quiz: fairly recent TV show about a girl in the UK that travels around, possibly time travels.
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