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Why a Female Attorney May be Better for your Personal Injury, Wrongful Death or Brain Injury Case

Sometimes, the task of finding the best personal injury lawyer to represent you or your loved one in a wrongful death, brain injury, or personal injury case causes a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty.  Already faced with a life-changing personal injury, it is hard for clients to know where to start to find the right attorney or lawyer for your case. One issue to consider when trying to make that determination, is the gender of the injury attorney.  While neither gender is by any means smarter, faster, stronger, or better than the other, there are undoubtedly distinct differences between them. This article discusses the premise that the gender of the personal injury attorney you choose matters and suggests that a female personal injury attorney could be a better fit for your injury case for the following reasons:
1. Compassion and Empathy:  A female personal injury attorney typically approaches their clients and cases differently than their male counterparts. Many women are very compassionate listeners who pay attention to detail.  Women have more empathy, which is the ability to place oneself in the shoes of another and understand their issues and concerns.  Kindness, caring and understanding all come from empathy. Further, since many female injury attorneys have faced obstacles in achieving success in their male dominated profession, they often understand the obstacles their clients face in dealing with serious medical issues, the affect of their injuries on their lives and families and jobs. 
2. Handling Clients with Medical Needs:  Female injury lawyers are more willing to focus on the client and are more likely to be nurturers.  Nurturers are very protective and supportive of their clients and will go to great lengths to make sure the medical providers from whom their clients are seeking treatment are addressing their client’s medical needs. They are not afraid to stand up for their client to medical providers to make sure that all aspects of a client’s injury have been met.  They also tend to be more protective of their client’s medical records and will fight to keep improper records out of the hands of the defense attorneys.  
3. The Ability to Listen:  Many female injury attorneys are very adept at listening to their clients and truly hearing their concerns, needs and story.  This skill also translates to the courtroom as better listeners make better story-tellers and better story-tellers are able to convey the client’s case to a jury.  Women understand that it is crucial for a jury to hear all aspects of their client’s case, not just the mechanics of the case.  
4. Communication Skills:  Women have the ability to communicate both effectively and creatively as their minds are able to quickly process, assess and link information.  They tend to utilize the white matter portion of their brain more than men.  This also helps women to pick up on subtle clues, read circumstances, and people more deeply.  Women are also excellent networkers and can find information to solve their client’s problems from the brain, personal injury or wrongful death very effectively. 

Consider the benefits of gender when choosing an injury attorney to represent you in personal injury matters. In the end, however, it is very important to find an injury attorney with a good reputation whom you can trust to tell your story without fear of judgment, regardless of gender.  

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Kansas Gun Dealer Settles Precedent-Setting Brady Center Case for Maximum Amount

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Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

For Immediate Release: July 1, 2015

Contact: Jonathan Hutson,

Phone: 857-919-5130

Another Victory in Brady’s Campaign to Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers

Overland Park, KS – Attorneys representing Elizabeth Shirley of Cherokee County, KS, have announced a settlement in their precedent-setting case against a Kansas gun dealer that sold a shotgun in a straw purchase, which was used by a convicted felon – Shirley’s ex-husband –that same night to kill their eight-year-old son, Zeus. The case led to landmark decisions at both levels of the appellate courts in Kansas, setting precedents which can be used to hold other gun dealers across the country responsible. The owners of the dealer, Baxter Gun & Pawn Shop in Baxter Springs, KS, have agreed to settle the case for the maximum amount available under their insurance policy, as well as a financial contribution from their personal assets.

Dan Gross, President of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, stated:

“We hope this settlement provides some sense of justice and comfort to Elizabeth Shirley. She has suffered unimaginable loss in a tragedy that could have been prevented if a gun dealer had acted more responsibly. This settlement is another major victory in Brady’s campaign to Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers. Our message is simple: if you profit by selling guns to criminals, we will find you and hold you accountable. Let this be a warning to ‘bad apple’ gun dealers out there: act responsibly or face the consequences.”

Jonathan Lowy, Director of the Brady Center’s Legal Action Project, who argued the case before the Kansas Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, stated: “Elizabeth Shirley channeled her grief into action by holding accountable the gun dealer that irresponsibly supplied a convicted felon with the gun he used to murder their child. During nearly ten years of fighting for justice, this case has rewritten Kansas law so that ‘bad apple’ gun dealers can be held accountable for negligently putting guns in the hands of dangerous people. ‘Bad apple’ gun dealers across the country have every reason to be afraid the next time they choose to arm a criminal or straw purchaser for profit.”

Co-counsel Jim Shetlar stated:

“Nothing will bring back Elizabeth’s son, Zeus. But we hope this settlement and the precedent established in this case will 

What is Wrongful Death, and Do You Have a Case? Kansas City Injury Attorney Explains
Many people do not really understand what a wrongful death claim is, or what actually constitutes wrongful death. There are countless situations in which someone may be held responsible in someone else’s death without being charged with manslaughter or murder.

The most common types of wrongful death cases include those involving car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and defective products. Basically, wrongful death occurs when a person or company is negligent in some way and that negligence results in death. An individual may be a victim because of someone else’s negligent or careless actions, rather than out of malice aforethought or intent as is usually the case with murder.

Because car accidents take tens of thousands of lives each year, let’s start there and explain how a person could be charged with wrongful death.

Rarely does someone intentionally have an accident with another vehicle; most car accidents happen due to speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence, or distracted driving. Some accidents may be attributed to road conditions, equipment malfunction, or an inexperienced driver.

Let’s say a motorist is driving along a Kansas City highway when he or she is struck by another vehicle, which causes the motorist to go over an embankment. The car flips two or three times, and the motorist dies at the scene, or later at the hospital as a result of his or her injuries. Could the driver who caused the accident face a wrongful death lawsuit? Absolutely, particularly if the driver was speeding, driving recklessly, or found to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any intoxicating substance. It is important to note that the driver would not likely face wrongful death charges if the circumstances were out of his or her control, for instance if he/she suffered a heart attack or stroke.

Another example of wrongful death – medical malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when a physician makes a mistake while treating a patient, a mistake that results in further injury, or even death. This ‘mistake’ or error is uncommon, one that other doctors considered reasonably competent would not have made. Improper diagnosis, a slip of the scalpel during a surgical procedure, and lack of informed consent are common grounds for a malpractice lawsuit. However, when a patient dies due to medical malpractice, surviving family members may want to consider filing a wrongful death claim.

Ultimately, it is vital to discuss the situation with a highly experienced Kansas City wrongful death claim attorney who can help determine whether you do have a strong, viable case. While the loss of a loved one because of negligence is devastating and tragic, the financial impact to your family can be devastating as well. This is particularly true if the deceased loved one was the primary or sole income provider. Depending on the circumstances, surviving family members may be able to recover damages that include lost income, funeral/burial costs, loss of companionship, medical costs, and more.

If you believe you have a wrongful death claim, contact McCollum & Griggs, LLC today.

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We received a phone call I received from a SEO salesman who wanted to sell McCollum & Griggs a specialized domain name.  When I politely turned him down, here is the response I got that was left on my voicemail..... 

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This article explains why some drunk drivers get out of DUIs in automobile accident cases.  If you have been hit by a drunk driver, this is one of reason it is critically important to hire a personal injury attorney who is experienced and who understands all the nuances of accident cases.   
Accidents, Air Bags & the Tyndall Effect in DUI Cases

If you're involved in an auto accident, and the police suspect that you've consumed ANY amount of alcohol, chances are you'll be arrested for DUI. Our Charleston DUI defense lawyers explain the reasons why an accident can actually make it HARDER for the prosecution to show that you're guilty of DUI.

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This is how MGLAWKC.NET feels about Alex getting hurt too!!

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MLB may be trying to screw the #royals  !  Get out there and vote people!  Link in the comments.

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Prescription drug databases are important! Read the following article about how Missouri legislators are resisting participating in this important matter.
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