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Unite Them All!
Unite Them All!


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Urgent Update 0.8.32 (152)

Please update immediately to avoid missing messages from certain contacts!

See attached image for changelog

It has come to our attention that users were experiencing messages never arriving from certain contacts. We have made an immediate fix to the framework that solves the issue!

The update has been pushed. Give the play store 30min to post the update. 

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Can't begin to tell you how much we love these from our users... We're doing something right 😉

We're working hard... Just wait until you start getting the things coming off our shelves!

We appreciate you all!

© Disa Team

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Disa & Pushbullet News

If you weren't aware before, Disa partners with +Pushbullet​​ as an in app feature already baked into the framework. To learn how to use it visit

You can reply to any message service you have plugged into Disa from your desktop. You can also quickly share files, links, and notes between your desktop and the device you have Disa on.

As Pushbullet updates their api, Disa will update so you can take advantage of all the features they want you to enjoy!

© Disa Unite Them All 2015
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Happy Birthday +Jake Dynogic
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Telegram is just over the horizon!

We will begin alpha testing the plugin in the alpha channel in a week or two when we feel we have the basics running with enough for organized testing.

Follow us on twitter (@disa_im):

We're open source now so developers and services can build more plugins while watching us build for telegram live
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Ladiesssssss and Gentlemen... Open Source Has Liftoff!!!!! V0.8.3 (123)

Helloooooo Developers. Come play on the Disa playground!

So, you have a messenger company that you want to feature on Disa and get yourself a ton of new users?

You over there, do you want to build plugins for your personal favorite messenger apps for personal use?

And you, do you just want to make a plugin for everyone to enjoy?

Well, we have just the thing for You, you, and YOU! Visit our new open source landing page on our website and learn more!

Remember, messaging is just the beginning, eventually we will release parts of the framework that let you do more than just message. We will update the plugin documentation as we release new features.

We are going to build a Telegram Plugin live on GitHub as an example, visit the project to find out more.

You must download the latest version of Disa prior to development

Please note that Disa's documentation is still in a very preliminary state. Over the next few months, significant efforts will be placed on maturing it.

*Disa will be aggressively working on security within the next few updates. Plugins will be automatically monitored for malicious code before it can be installed, and monitored even after it's installed. Any illegal attempt from one plugin trying to access the passwords and personal information of another plugin will be blocked within the framework. Disa will be made safe for all! We're going to do the best we can to meet the expectations of Disa users to maintain their anonymity and security. No personally identifiable information as defined by our TOS will be collected or stored on any Disa servers.

The Disa Framework is open sourced under the LGPL 2.1 license. The framework is mainly geared towards building new plugins. However, you are free to do whatever you like with it within the limitations of the LGPL 2.1 license.

Can't wait to have more Disa fun together!


© Disa 2015

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WOWZERS!  UPDATE v. 0.8.2 Build (113)

(See attached images for long changelog or read below for the awesome parts)

Please keep in mind there are a lot of badly written Android 5.1 ROM's out there that just aren't ready for prime time.  This means, a lot of you will experience broken apps and broken Disa features if the custom software isn't ready and missing some things.

So in honor of a major surprise update coming in just a few days we are releasing 0.8.2 and man ohhhhh man are you going to be happy. 

Why is this update such a big deal?

Well... let's put it this way... we took 4 huge updates and put them all into one. 

Why did you take 4 huge updates and put them all into one?

Pfff... We knew you were going ask ;) Well... we're getting ready for a MONSTER secret release that's going to change Disa forever from this point on in just a few days. Shhhhhhhh our little secret.

Did the ALPHA test community approve of this update?

Yes they did... WITH OVERWHELMING SUPPORT! (take a look at the attached poll +Stephen Bain ran in the alpha community). 

So out of that giant changelog whats so important?

We implemented a few things as prep work for a major announcement coming that's going to knock your socks off, but before that we wanted to give you a test drive of the new supercar engine we installed.  It's not fully tuned yet but Disa is faster than you've ever experienced now, and you have more features to play with... 

1. FINALLY Gif animation support for the Facebook plugin

2. SPEEED SPEEEED SPEEEEEED. We've fine tuned and cleaned up about 50% now.  *Overall lag has been reduced tremendously*. There's more to go but we're almost there.

3. The Facebook plugin now has the PUSH TO TALK feature.

4. There's a brand new conversation image share system. You can now expand an image in a conversation and scroll through all the previously shared images in that conversation.

5. Each media/file can now easily be 'Saved to Downloads' folder via a long press action.

6. PLUGINS ARE FULLY INDEPENDENT. This means developers will be able to update their plugins regardless of framework 'versioning'. Users will have the ability to reject, delay, or download plugin updates at your own will. 

Like Batman & Robin this community and Disa are a team. Get ready for this ride with us. 2015 is off to a great start! 

Enjoy your Disa,

©2015 Disa Team 
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Alpha test community:

Please only leave Alpha Test Apk feedback in the Alpha Community.

Test apks are temporarily distributed via drive until we create the play store Nightlies and convert the Alpha Test community into a Nightlies Test Community. We will distribute nightlies through the play store.
Disa Alpha Builds
Disa Alpha Builds

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Alpha Apk Release Section

What's the Alpha Channel?

Well, we need to test a few things before releasing it to the public in this beta channel and the app market. Currently we are working on 0.8 (yes that's how far ahead we usually work before you get updates). 

Why do you need me to test 0.8?

Well, here's a little secret... We're open sourcing very soon with very basic documentation to begin and later on adding complexity as developers catch up to how the framework works and it's magical abilities. To do so we had to clean up Disa from the ground up. Sort of like cleaning up your house before guests come over! 

Who can join the Alpha Channel and test alpha Builds?

This is Disa... So the answer to that question is EVERYONE duhhhhhh! We never discriminate! That's not what Disa is about! We're a playground for everyone.

However, if we get overloaded with Alpha testers and need to lock the test group for a time, we will. So first come first serve in the Alpha Community before we may need to lock it, (make it private). 

What's different in these Alpha Versions?

We can't tell you what's in the future versions needing testing, but in this 0.8 we can tell you nothing is different except old framework coding is cleaned up. This means, you will feel like Disa is on 25 cups of caffeine! It's fast! 

Oh and... To entice you to help test is stability... We added gif support for Facebook, and a few other little surprise features.

How frequent will these Alpha updates be?

The frequency of these updates will vary. It depends on our need to test something. There are no promises of updates even if something is wrong. You will always have the option to update back to the market version. 

Why an Alpha Channel and not a Nightlies channel?

Eventually we plan to deprecate this Alpha Channel and replace it with a Nightlies Channel. 

What's the difference between this Alpha Channel and the Future Nightlies Channel?

The Alpha channel will promise 0 support! We request your feedback and participation in testing the Alpha builds, (letting us know what your issues are, your device type, model, and operating system), but we do not promise to respond unless we need to communicate with you. This is because we are working hard on the framework and push all other resources helping and moderating this Disa Beta Community

Nightlies in the future will have a little more support, however nothing will ever replace the communication level of this community. 

The testers in the Beta community will forever be our home and we intend to support it with everything we have, always! #family #numberonecommunity #youarethebest #noonelikeyou #1 

What's the benefit to testing Alpha Channel Builds?

Well, you basically help us when we need it the most. We will be testing some things, breaking some things, fixing some things, super upgrading some things. 

We're sure we'll make mistakes here and there, and fix them on our time. In return for your patience and understanding we will give you features before they release to the beta community, but remember this channel is more about testing the open source core framework than it is about being feature and UI rich. Nightlies will be more about feature upgrades.

What do I do if the Alpha build is broken and I can't afford to play with it anymore... I neeeeeed stability!!!

Just jump back to the Beta build in the app market! Boom!

We will advise that you always use the Disa backups feature frequently when using Disa Alpha builds! 

Looking forward to testing with you. Please make sure to keep your Alpha build posts in this Alpha Channel community. Beta community moderators are not obligated to volunteer to help you here. 

We love love love developing for you guys. We look forward to our growth together!

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Update 0.6.2 Build (101)

Disa... We're full of fun surprises coming this year! 100 thousand downloads globally in less than 1 month. 50+ thousand Google+ community members.

Congratulations to you all! This is your success that we share with you

See screenshot for changelog, or find it in the app settings> information tab > click on "what's new"

We have a major announcement coming soon that will open Disa up to everyone even more ;)


Congratulations to all who have upgraded their lives and got involved! This is your success... we share it with you!

Tired of reading through entire changelogs? We will be making a new page live where you can stay in touch with only the major Disa updates like Pushbullet support, Android wear support, letters from Disa management, announcements, and all the important "stuff".

Stay tuned! 
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