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 I've been playing Tomodachi Life for the 3DS for a while now...It's been a great game so far. Haven't downloaded any celebrities yet but I will soon. There's also another 3DS game that I've been playing after taking a small break from it....Disney Magical World. Don't get me wrong, It's a good game, looking forward to buy some of the DLC for it, but there's an issue that needs to be addressed.

+Bandai Namco The citizens of Castleton are still celebrating Easter even though we're in June now.  Have a wonderful evening everyone.
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Disney can't come out with good games. I've played a few and most of them are way to bad but good for young players.
Still, VMK was the best disney multiplayer game til they killed it in 2008. :(
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Happy Mario Kart 8 weekend everyone. Finally got my copy delivered from +FedEx late Friday afternoon. It's an Epic game...From the music to the gameplay. I'm going to use all of my controllers(Game Pad, Pro Controller & Wheel) just to see which one I would be most comfortable with while playing this game. It's been a very fun experience so far...I'm just very rusty.

I haven't played a Mario Kart game on the home console side of things since the SNES. As far as the free game downloads, never played Pikmin 3, gameplay looks interesting so I wasted no time getting it.

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Iv spent the last year and a half refining my chops at sonic racing so this feels a bit strange at times
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Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Special shoutouts going to all the veterans in this community & their loved ones. Seen the Watch Dogs commercial this past weekend & it got me thinking about the upcoming Wii U version. Here's my question: Do you think that Ubisoft is trying to follow the footsteps of Shadowrun (A classic title on the SNES/ Sega Genesis) with this game or it's just a futuristic version of Assassins Creed?

Can't wait until this Friday. I'm crossing my fingers that my copy of Mario Kart 8 arrives that day rather than Saturday from +Walmart. Hope everyone has a great week.

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Call me crazy if you want, but I think Ubisoft was smart delaying the Wii U version of Watchdogs. If they save it for when there is a drought in Wii U games, the will get more sales. The question you have to ask is this, "If Nintendo fans could only purchase one game, would it be Watch_Dogs, or Mario Kart?" That is probably one of the reasons they delayed the game. I'll still buy it on the Wii U.  As to the nature of the game, seems like it may define its own style.
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Finally beat Zelda Wind Waker HD for the Wii U tonight. Gameplay was great from start to finish. I did seek help online throughout some tough parts of the game (Ghost's ship map) but overall I enjoyed the experience. The last fight with Ganondorf was epic. I'll play the Hero Mode at a latter date.

Playing a little Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the first time before heading to Dreamland. Have a great evening everyone.

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I blew through WWHD and am looking forward to go back and 100% it on Hero Mode.
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Received a brand new, sealed copy of Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition for $13.69 from +eBay seller videogamesupply & bought Disney's Magical Kingdom from my nearby +Walmart last night. Played both games so let me give you my impressions. Resident Evil 4 is great, it took some time learning the controls as far as aiming & shooting targets. I have to set aside a weekend to play this title & Resident Evil Revelations (Wii U). Disney's Magical Kingdom for the 3DS has been interesting. It's been a good game so far. Think of it as a Secret Of Evermore (SNES The ingredient system) & Animal Crossing New Leaf type of game with action in between sprinkled together. My only complaint was the music. It's bland & repetitive.

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Finally picked it up today after work. A Nexus 7 2nd Generation 32GB tablet for my big sister's upcoming 48th birthday.Long story short, she had a Barnes & Noble Nook Color HD tablet that died months ago so I wanted to give her something special....A premium 7" tablet as a replacement.

Kudos to +Walmart for the great online deal on the Nexus 7 & +eBay seller guan2013 for the stylish Leopard Yellow 360° Rotating PU Leather Case with two screen protectors.

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What a good brother
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Checked out Dr. Luigi for Wii U last night. It looked very impressive. I'm not the biggest puzzle fan but Nintendo has that unique way of grabbing your attention when it comes to their first party games. Looks like I have to spend that $20 Nintendo E-Shop credit that I've been holding on to since this past Christmas ;) Once I get home from work this afternoon. 
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There is. But the L shaped pieces are fun. 
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Joe Ball II

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Finally said goodbye to my Asus TF700 64GB tablet & hello to Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 from +Walmart a few days ago. It's an amazing device. Good job +Samsung USA!
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The Note version even more amazing.. close to perfect 
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Good morning everyone. +Walmart notified me this morning via Gmail that my copy of Mario Kart 8 with the wheel accessory should arrive this Friday courtesy of +FedEx. Best news of the day while being held hostage at work right now. 
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+Joe Ball II I agree with you on that. I am going to game cap some races and put them on my channel (at least I plan to).
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Good evening everyone. After spending most of the day thinking about it...I couldn't let this deal slip away. Mario Kart 8, the PowerA Wii Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel & $4.99 VUDU Movie Credits for $64.16 total taxes included. +Walmart...


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My old wii wheel has been collecting dust for quite a long time now... I might start using it more when I get Mario kart 8.
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Joe Ball II

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I used a very small portion of my tax refund recently to get a few Nintendo branded goodies. +eBay had some surprising great deals on factory sealed, older Wii U titles:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - $17.68 Total - seller: donsvideo
Resident Evil Revelations - $23.62 Total - seller: candid computers
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - $14.95 Total - seller: osty_guy

As far as the rest of the items shown, the Animal Crossing plush dolls were $18.99 each from eBay seller egamestar. The Luigi Wii Remote Plus controller for $35 was from a nearby +Walmart & The Wii Classic Pro controller was from +Best Buy online for almost $25. Not pictured but coming early next week from eBay, a factory sealed Nintendo branded Wii U Pro controller from China for $27.99.

Want to wish everyone a great weekend & a happy, safe Spring Break.
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Great score!
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Joe Ball II

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Hello everyone. Hope you had a great weekend so far. This Sunday morning went to Target & finally bought this title. I decided to give it a try after watching the latest +Jay Flemming video & a lot of positive community feedback online. Played an hour of it, I'm impressed overall. There was a learning curve for me with the controls on the gamepad but I got used it after a while. Definitely playing this game again later tonight before heading off to Dreamland. 
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Once you realize this game is really Bayonetta with a Pikmin/Viewtiful Joe skin, the combat becomes awesome.

And the story is freaking hilarious- I've yet to review this game, but it's coming...
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