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Rochelle Sodipo Washington
Floating and drifting...on purpose.
Floating and drifting...on purpose.

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Great info! 

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Season's Greetings...
The beautiful part about Christmas season is that there are infinite traditions and infinite ways to celebrate.  For some, this is the most hallowed of holidays.  For others, it is simply the season to embrace all that is good about humanity.  And let's fac...

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Papercrafting is big on trends.  I am not ashamed to admit that I fall prey to mostly all of the new trends.  I try and incorporate them into my projects and still maintain my signature style.   But...ya know what?  I find that I become just as excited abou...

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A Lovely Day...
I think everyone that has ever participated in the art/hobby of paper crafting has read Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine .  I also think that we were all shocked to learn that our beloved mainstay is going to stop publishing!  When I started out in th...
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