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Miami, FL
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Candy Crush Saga

A delicious and addictive puzzle adventure with hundreds of levels.The super hit game Candy Crush Saga is now available for Android!Switch a

Your data on Google – Good to Know – Google

Knowing a little bit about you can help make Google products better, both for you and for others. By understanding your preferences we can e

Confessions of life with a gringo <3

I never thought that the older I got, the more latina I would get.  No, I have never liked the taste of rice in my mouth, and I find the sme

Running away from the Kardashians and hiding in a library under a pile o...

Hello from the Causeway! So apparently we are not the only ones who are in love with our beloved causeway…rumor has it that the Kardashians

Annush in the desert…

The first time I came to Texas will be a year ago this March. Back then, I was shocked and amazed by how cold it was. It never occurred to m

He’s grown accustomed to my face…

Sometimes life leaves you speechless and then in order to speak, you need to find the exact words to capture the scope of what it is that ha

A free MIT education is the way to go!

I was born into a family of scholars. Both of my parents have PhDs and even despite their age, they have not lost their intellectual curiosi

Thank you for not smoking.

I smoke. I’ve been a smoker on and off for about 15 years. I have quit a few times for months a time, but each time something happened and I

I don’t want James Holmes’ babies!

In the 15+ years I’ve been blogging, I’ve had disagreements with plenty of strangers. I understand how passionate people can get over certai

on being fashionable and fat…

Despite my lack of interest in fashion as of late, I have always been a fashion enthusiast. I do have to admit though that it is far easier

Give me a piece of that!

I don’t think I’ve ever met a fruit I didn’t like. (Unless you count watermelons, papayas, lychees, and passion fruits). I love them and I a

Can I impress Phil Libin with a Portobello burger?

This morning Hugh was telling me about Xsite, a summit on innovation, technology, and entrepeneurship being hosted by Babson College. Imagin

I don’t eat that

I feel like the zombie apocalypse and the rain we have been having are cramping my style.   Between my new paranoia induced nightmares, and

On Memorial Day relax but also remember!

This weekend hasn’t felt like much of a long weekend.  I guess that being a SAHG has desensitized me from the long weekend euphoria I used t

Coupons for Troops: Guest blog spot by Jessy Furniel

Even though we often think about our men and women in uniform, we don’t often think about the families they have to support wherever it is t

I am DEFINITELY not moving to NC!

I tend to obsess. A lot. And for the past several days, gay marriage has been an unescapable thought in my mind. For the record, I am not ga

An Exercise in Democracy

Today I finally completed the change of address on my voter registration card. I had been meaning to do it since I first moved to Miami Beac

Food Bloggers Bake Sale

A lot of people are under the impression that I am a food blogger, which I am actually not. I am merely a blogger who really likes to cook a

The Veggie Fried Rice Chronicles

For those businesses that don’t think that social media is important, guess what- it is. A few months back I had an unpleasant incident at G

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…it was a matter of time before I turned into a beach girl. Skip to content. Home · About Me · Contact Me! ← Home Economics: Coupons and bul