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Think about what you really believe. If you don't know this, it's extra hard to be your most authentic you. Don't believe something just because millions, even billions of other people do. Believe something because it makes sense, because it is true. How do you know if it's true? If you've thought about it and your mind, body, heart and spirit are in agreement that it makes sense, that it is psychologically, physically or physiologically, emotionally and spiritually true for you, then it is true.

Even if it has not been scientifically proven, you could find a scientist and they could likely prove it. At the very least you could be able to argue its veracity. In any case, if you actually believe it, and aren't just saying you believe it because it's written down somewhere, and others say if you don't believe it you're going to be eternally damned, or a chain letter said you'll lose all your friends and meet an unfortunate demise--if none of those apply and you actually believe it, then own it, live it, preach it, explain it, be it because that is your truth, and your truth is a big part of who you are in this lifetime.

I'm not saying if you want to believe climate change doesn't exist, then fight for the right to not believe it. Science does count for something. Do your research, and if your belief is accurate it will stand up to a rigorous scientific inquiry. Even if your belief is in an eternal being. There are scientific theories that point in that direction. "Permission to Believe" by Lawrence Keleman points out some of those arguments. Worst case scenario your important belief turns out to be wrong. If you honestly have thought it through and believe it to be true, you are at least being authentically you.

I would hope your beliefs involve promoting peace on earth, loving others. and making the world a better place. If they involve putting others down, degrading the earth, or harming others, I would hope you would reevaluate those beliefs.
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How can you be yourself? First of all, you have to be honest with yourself and others about your thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires, etc. You have to be aware of when you're being true to your values and ideals, and when you are compromising them to get something from someone else, to be accepted, or to fit in.

Why be yourself? Because there is no alternative. What kind of life would it be if you weren't even you? Even if you had all the outward appearances of a happy life, could you be happy inside?

Doubt it. Unless you have a steady supply of heroin or something.

Be yourself. You will thank YOU.
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