Join the effort to beam +George Takei from Facebook to Google+!

Unless you're new to the planet, you've heard about actor +George Takei's vocal complaints against Facebook's idea to actually deliver your posts only if you pay. (Right now, Facebook secretly deletes most of the status updates you post without telling you or the people who will never see them.)

A growing red-shirt army of Google+ pleeps, including +Robert Partridge, +Stephanie Van Pelt, +Danial Hallock, +Sarah Rios, +Simon Skiles and others are banding together to beam the one and only +George Takei from the inhospitable Planet Facebook to the Starship Google+!

(Too much?) 

Here's what you can do to join the effort: 

1. Circle +George Takei

2. Plus-one and share this message to grow the movement. 

3. Write a comment below in support of +George Takei dumping Facebook and moving to Google+!
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