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Is it really going to be $15 dollars a month? Ouch that kills it right there. Even if the graphics are great and all the choices look terrific. There are so many others out there right now finally gone free.  (that allow monthly sales for ig mounts etc) Ive been waiting a long time for this game but their is no way I can go BACK to paying $15 a month again which I did for 7 years. We had a guild & it was amazing but that was 5 years ago. I've got Guild wars 1&2 plus Tera now..Though Id love to play this loooove to play it. $15 a month is just way to much. Not in this economy. Maybe if I won the lottery Jackpot lol but not this year. sigh...Ill keep dreaming :)
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OMG I so loved this as soon as I saw it! Must see it :) Makes you feel all warm and snuggly :) Kitties rock in my book :)-M
Its mine
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Awe that is the sweetest!!
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June 25
I called them today 4/13/2014 & though they are no longer in business, recently closed shop, he stated what was I looking for? I told him it was a desk. He was on vacation with his family & as soon as they got back they would send me pictures of a desk they still had. It was more then a phenomenal price but was even more so, just taking the time out of someone's vacation was amazing!:) I imagine if I would have gone to the shop these people would have been just as incredible in person as they were on the phone today. The desk didn't work out as I was looking for something a bit different style but still, the customer service, the attention and kindness was just amazing. I do hope Karma comes around x 1k as they surely deserve it, How truly incredible it was to meet such kind people. what a joy. :) Finally business owners who truly know what customer service means! I went to Radio Shack today and the first 3 min of my question the Sales person didn't look at me because he was texting on his phone!:( I almost left right then & there, the buffoon. Obviously Radio Shack doesn't want customers lol! Thrift Seekers, we are sorry to see you go, but so glad you were here. If only more business would take after you, the world would be a better place to shop!:) I highly recommend this business. -Monica
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They have been great here. If any mistakes the manager makes it right toot sweet. :)
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