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kulasa zen
This my quest for a meaningful life and you are welcome to share it. Have a blessed day!
This my quest for a meaningful life and you are welcome to share it. Have a blessed day!

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Budget Bathroom Facelift in 4 Simple Steps
Image source For those of you wanting to decorate your bathroom but are worried about the cost then fear not there are lots of fantastic ways to give your bathroom a facelift without breaking the bank. You no longer need lots of cash to transform your bathr...

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Preparing Your Home for a Future With Your Children
When you purchase your first home, you usually feel an overwhelming sense of joy and relief. It’s one of the biggest milestones in anyone’s life . It’s a huge investment, yet it’s also a necessary one especially if you plan to have children in the near futu...

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Contemplation at Le Monet
Okay so that was me above, all wrinkled nose, foundation poorly applied but kinda at peace. Why? See those trees? Pine trees! And know what? I was listening to birds singing! Le Monet Hotel is one place in Baguio City where you can renew your body and soul....

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A Night at Ace Hotel and Suites
So, I once again had a restful night at one of the hotels in the city. This time at Ace Hotel and Suites. The group originally planned to enjoy the water spa but tiredness got the better of us so the bed was our company the whole hotel stay LOL. The staff w...

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Moving House Made Easy: How to Get the Kids Onboard
You’ve probably moved house before, and swore never to go through the same experience again. If this is your first time moving, you’re going to make this pledge by the end of your move. It’s a stressful and messy situation to be in, and even more so for you...

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Travel Money Options: Which Is Best For You?
If you are planning an exciting adventure overseas or a relaxing trip to a beach to do nothing at all, you will need money of some kind. Even all-inclusive resorts require you to pay for additional extras like spa treatments and excursions so you will need ...

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Faulty Home Features That Waste Energy
Image Now that it’s winter, it’s time to be a responsible homeowner. What does that mean? It means making an effort to stop wasting energy! In the summer time, people think about gas and electricity more because they feel as if they shouldn’t use them as mu...

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Would You Take A Mental Health Day?
Have you ever taken a mental health day at work? Not many people feel comfortable calling their boss up to say they’re having a day off for that. Still, the stigma attached to mental health is lessening, and more of us are realizing just how important it is...

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4 Underrated Home Improvements You Should Consider
When it comes to home improvements, most people think about the same things. We all think about renovating our home , installing a new roof, changing the front door, and so on. These are all examples of ‘typical’ home improvements, and they are definitely w...

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Testing Times: Three Situations Where Children May Need Extra Support
Picture link Children are generally resilient and happy go lucky, they adapt to new situations far better than most of us adult do. However, that’s not to say that certain circumstances aren’t tricky for them, and it’s important to guide them through succes...
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