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Want to see what we're cooking? Go and check out our Kyurinaga's Revenge collection, our new (and currently in development) title!

Welcome to Kyurinaga's Revenge, the new project on development from RecoTechnology. Stay tuned to see more news about this exciting new challenge and do not forget to follow us on Facebook or Twitter as well! Share, comment or contact us about Kyurinaga or any other question you might have regarding our studio!

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Time to talk about the baddies. Once a great warrior, the Shogun Kyurinaga has lost his way and prefers the arts of manipulation rather than those of the Bushido. His reign has been suddenly startled by two intrepid warriors, who seem to have started a revolution!

Kyurinaga is respected and feared amongst the ranks of the Cucumber Soldiers. He wields a long katana and a Wakizashi and can focus his rage during combat, making him temporarily invulnerable.
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Kaoru Tamanegi, also known as 'Samurai Onion', is in a critical point of his life as a samurai at the beginning of Yasai Ninja. When he first meets Joe, he's still deciding between his honor as a samurai or to do the right thing.

He soon realizes that the Shogun has been corrupted and that his greed might ruin the country; however, his duty dictates that he must follow his Shogun until the end of his days. Kaoru then takes the most important decision of his life: To break his oath to the Shogun, becoming a Ronin in the process, and to stop him and his army.

Kaoru is a seasoned samurai. He and his katana have seen more battles that he can remember. Kaoru can block enemy attacks and although he is slower than Joe, he can unleash a deadly storm of katana swings in a heartbeat. 
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¡No os olvidéis de echarle un vistazo a nuestras colecciones para ver más información sobre los personajes de Yasai Ninja y ver más diseños de nuestros artistas!

Don't forget to check our Collections to know more about our characters and our artists' amazing designs!

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Shogun: What day is today, soldier?
Soldier: Monday, my lord.
Shogun: sigh

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Some people call Broccoli Joe a 'free spirit'. And the same can be said about his fighting style.

Broccoli is some short of a wanderer. He travels all around Japan looking for worthy opponents. At the beginning of Yasai Ninja, he is in a prison cell with Kaoru; due to an 'incident' involving some stolen fishes and a fight with the local authorities.

Joe combines a lighting speed and his devastating nunchuks. Unlike Kaoru, Broccoli can dodge enemy attacks and moves way faster. However different, Kaoru and Broccoli eventually learned how to leave their differences behind and become a team that makes the Shogun himself tremble.

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We're not saying you should buy Yasai Ninja during Black Friday.

We're just saying you can buy Yasai Ninja during Black Friday.

Don't forget to check our collections! Lots of cool designs from our latest game, Yasai Ninja!
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