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Growth and Distribution
One of the many joys of working in technology company is seeing your product used by actual people. Right from the beginning when the initial beta users start signing-up there is a sense that all the hard work (thinking+coding+coffee) might come to somethin...

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10 Steps To Priming Kanban
Jesper Boeg  has written one of the best and most succinct PDF docs on Kanban (43 pages in all). He breaks Kanban down into 10 steps that can be implemented piecemeal until your team has a comprehensive Kanban process governing all aspects of software devel...

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Just launched my new company called Insignum
Yesterday I launch my new company called Insignum . It delivers anomaly detection and notification for your analytics across Mixpanel, KISSmetrics and Google Analytics. The product provides data-driven startups with automated analytics intelligence to find ...

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How a one word change increased product demo conversions by 139%
The following is a repost from the  GoCardless Blog  where I explained one of our successful A/B tests. I also started a good discussion about the merits of the A/B test over at . This post looks at an A/B test with a simple copy change an...

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Running A/B Tests On Mobile Apps
There are a number of mobile architectures that support effective A/B testing within mobile apps. They range from rapid prototyping ones based on HTML5 components to feature flag based ones that trigger different versions of native components. The trade-off...

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A Growth Hacking Case Study on Starbucks SRCH
In 2001, while working at  Blast Radius , a global digital agency, I was responsible for the technical development of the 'Starbucks SRCH Scavenger Hunt'. The following video describes the campaign. Given my recent venture into the world of  growth hacking ...

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Xamarin Features RESAAS Mobile App
One of the things I am passionate about at RESAAS is working on our mobile app for iPhone and Android. I enjoy figuring out how our customers use the app differently from the browser experience and then optimizing the experience for that use case. Thus I wa...

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Chamath Palihapitiya (VP of Growth @ Facebook) on focusing on the right things
I've started focusing more of my time and attention lately on the concept of growth and specifically  growth hacking . I came across this Udemy course from the Growth Hackers Conference in San Francisco in 2012. The opening keynote presentation is by Chamat...
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