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Doug Whitfield
free culture activist with a large pragmatic streak
free culture activist with a large pragmatic streak

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so, this #PHP says “[:error]” but then it says “PHP Notice” in the same line.

That’s weird, and it's not just me that thinks that.

Any ideas as to what would cause this?

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We got hacked by Russians!!!!!!!1

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He probably does not actually think that, but he does dare you to do better. 
This guy thinks he is terrible at music. You should prove him right.

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Also, Garfield (pictured) decides it is playtime during the show.
Instead of chariots, Doug rides his bike through his triumph. (see show notes for pic of said bike)

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Any thoughts on what would go well with ?

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TLDR: they are coming to #TwinCities
Gag reflex

The Trump gang is trying to gag scientists - make us shut up. But they're also making scientists gag - want to vomit. So we're are fighting back.

Some examples:

1) Scientists are keeping track of how Trump gang is changing the EPA website, with before-and-after photos, and analysis:

There's more about "adaptation" to climate change, and less about how it's caused by carbon emissions.

2) The Trump gang is taking animal-welfare data offline. The US Department of Agriculture will no longer make lab inspection results and violations publicly available, citing privacy concerns:

3) The Environmental Data and Governance Initiative is working to archive public environmental data. Go to a data rescue event:

Feb. 4th, NYC
Feb 10th-11th, Austin
Feb. 11th, San Francisco Bay
Feb. 18th, MIT
Feb. 18th, Haverford
Feb. 18-19th, Washington DC
Feb 26th, Twin Cities, Minnesota

or work with them to organize one of your own! They're developing online tools to help:

4) Less relevant, but too fun to ignore, is Operation "Kiss Our Asses, Release Your Taxes". Hundreds of people are planning to gather at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12th and moon Trump Tower in Chicago - that is, aim their naked butts at it. The goal is to get Trump to release his tax returns.

I think people should do this each time he emits an offensive tweet.

5) A new bill would prevent the US government from providing access to geospatial data if it helps people understand housing discrimination. It goes like this:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no Federal funds may be used to design, build, maintain, utilize, or provide access to a Federal database of geospatial information on community racial disparities or disparities in access to affordable housing.

For the important ways this data has been used, see:

6) The pushback is so big it's hard to list it all! For now I'll just quote some of Tabitha Powledge's article "The gag reflex: Trump info shutdowns at US science agencies, especially EPA".


Predictably, counter-tweets claiming to come from rebellious employees at the EPA, the Forest Service, the USDA, and NASA sprang up immediately. At The Verge, Rich McCormick says there’s reason to believe these claims may be genuine, although none has yet been verified. A lovely head on this post: “On the internet, nobody knows if you’re a National Park.”

At Hit&Run, Ronald Bailey provides handles for several of these alt tweet streams, which he calls “the revolt of the permanent government.” (That’s a compliment.)

Bailey argues, “with exception perhaps of some minor amount of national security intelligence, there is no good reason that any information, data, studies, and reports that federal agencies produce should be kept from the public and press. In any case, I will be following the Alt_Bureaucracy feeds for a while.”

NeuroDojo Zen Faulkes posted on how to demand that scientific societies show some backbone. “Ask yourself: “Have my professional societies done anything more political than say, ‘Please don’t cut funding?’” Will they fight?,” he asked.

Scientists associated with the group 500 Women Scientists donned lab coats and marched in DC as part of the Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump’s Inauguration, Robinson Meyer reported at the Atlantic. A wildlife ecologist from North Carolina told Meyer, “I just can’t believe we’re having to yell, ‘Science is real.’”

Taking a cue from how the Women’s March did its social media organizing, other scientists who want to set up a Washington march of their own have put together a closed Facebook group that claims more than 600,000 members, Kate Sheridan writes at STAT.

The #ScienceMarch Twitter feed says a date for the march will be posted in a few days. The group also plans to release tools to help people interested in local marches coordinate their efforts and avoid duplication.

At The Atlantic, Ed Yong describes the political action committee 314Action. (314=the first three digits of pi.)

Among other political activities, it is holding a webinar on Pi Day – March 14 – to explain to scientists how to run for office. Yong calls 314Action the science version of Emily’s List, which helps pro-choice candidates run for office. 314Action says it is ready to connect potential candidate scientists with mentors–and donors.

Other groups may be willing to step in when government agencies wimp out. A few days before the Inauguration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention abruptly and with no explanation cancelled a 3-day meeting on the health effects of climate change scheduled for February. Scientists told Ars Technica’s Beth Mole that CDC has a history of running away from politicized issues.

One of the conference organizers from the American Public Health Association was quoted as saying nobody told the organizers to cancel.

I believe it. Just one more example of the chilling effect on global warming. In politics, once the Dear Leader’s wishes are known, some hirelings will rush to gratify them without being asked.

The APHA guy said they simply wanted to head off a potential last-minute cancellation. Yeah, I guess an anticipatory pre-cancellation would do that.

But then – Al Gore to the rescue! He is joining with a number of health groups–including the American Public Health Association–to hold a one-day meeting on the topic Feb 16 at the Carter Center in Atlanta, CDC’s home base. Vox’s Julia Belluz reports that it is not clear whether CDC officials will be part of the Gore rescue event.

For Tabitha Powledge's whole article go here:



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Any thoughts on what would go well with ?

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We're in first place! Check out the awesome video!

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I'm not sure who the current leader is. +Craig Maloney, how many times you been on?
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